Augmented Reality Unleashed: AR and New Media Forms

Augmented reality, frequently referred to as AR, consistently mixes virtual components with this present reality. Enlarging our tactile encounters and improving comprehension we might interpret the climate. It empowers us to overlay advanced data, symbolism. And intuitive components onto our actual environmental factors, making vivid and intelligent encounters more than ever.

Augmented reality is the new technology

We have all heard about VR (Virtual Reality). But the market has introduced a relatively new technology called AR . Where VR created an entirely artificial world via the use of VR glasses. Augmented Reality uses technology to project computer-generated imagery or videos out into the real world. Using the Augmented Reality glasses. Which projects the screen out in front of us, just like we have seen in movies like ironman. It works by connecting it to an AR-enabled device. Such as a smartphone that is connected to the AR glasses.

The device than gathers information from its surroundings collecting and downloading data to make the projections. Connecting the real world with the virtual world, to make them both as one. After doing so, it superimposes the computer-generated imagery over the physical objects present in front of us.

Augmented Reality Unleashed: AR and New Media Forms
Augmented Reality Unleashed: AR and New Media Forms


Making use of GPS markers, orientation, gyro-meters, accelerometers and other sensors like the barometer.

Which helps in creating a projection of the image or the video out into the real world. Moreover, the user can interact with it using gestures, voice commands. Or touch commands connected through a cloud via a touch screen. Also this interaction is based on the real-time data flowing across from the products of Augmented Reality.


Various fields across the world utilize Augmented Reality , including the production and creation of industrial machinery. Whereas, users can have the layout of the machinery projected in front of them as a part-real, part-virtual imagery. Also they can expand the image and have access to a 3d image of the machinery. Providing the developer with intricate details of the machinery.

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