ChatGPT vs Bard: Analysis of Language Models for AI

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence software, was developed on November 30th, 2022, with the intent to understand human language. Using natural language processing to understand and respond to queries generated by any individual. Making it easier for users to communicate and have access to information within micro-seconds. Also the language model has the ability to provide the users with written articles, content for social media, vlogs. Or anything that they desire to have written for them without any hassle.

GPT-3.5 software

ChatGPT does it for them in only a matter of seconds using its GPT-3.5 software in the free version. However, GPT-4 is available in the paid version, which is more efficient, faster. And offers comprehensive dialogues with more impressive structure for its language model than GPT-.3.5. Furthermore, the purpose of creating GPT-4 was to give a beneficial advantage to the paying customers. Providing them with a broader horizon to work with.

On March 21, 2023, developers developed Bard AI, another artificial intelligence software. Bard is Google’s experimental artificial intelligence program for more conversational generative interference. Its functioning is similar to that of ChatGPT, with the fundamental difference between the two being the data source. ChatGPT has restricted accessibility to data, limited to that of before 2021. It does not have access to the information available up to day.

ChatGPT vs Bard
ChatGPT vs Bard

Having the limitation of access to updated information and researches. It can only provide its clients with data that is available before 2021. However, the same is not the case with Bard. Bard AI has continuous access to the internet, allowing it to update its servers with the latest information being uploaded or made available across the web. Developed around the concept of search. Bard offers more human like conversational style and queries rather than just key words.  Also it generates more humane sounding responses, continuously gathering information from its user-interference mechanism, giving it a more comprehensive text-generating system.

Content generated by ChatGPT and Brad

The output generated by Bard is in various sections. Whereas, the responses generated by ChatGPT generates its content in a single prompt. Both of the AI platforms go head-to-head with each other making it difficult to pick one over the other. The difference in output is more or less the same except for the fact that Bard makes a better use of answering specific queries. Moreover, using its access to real-time information and ChatGPT does a better job at generating text requests and summarizing them.

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