The Sea, Once It Casts It's Spell, Holds One In Its Net Of Wonder Forever...

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40 years of experience in the field, makes Fluvanna Dive Center the authority in diver education. It is the only dive training facility in Virginia with a designated dive training pool on site. It is located approximately 20 minutes from Charlottesville and 40 minutes from Richmond. We offer a wide range of PADI courses, with options for training at all levels; from beginner through advanced recreational diving, public safety diving, underwater criminal investigation, and adaptive diving for those with special needs.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in our dive center. In addition to our large and diverse number of training opportunities, gear repair and rental, we take the time to find gear best suited to you–for comfort, budget, and your diving needs. We work with you to tailor your gear acquisitions to what you want and how you want to dive. Do you want to design your own BCD, configure your regulator with those lengths that fit you, or set up an optimally functional and streamlined ‘rig’ and then try it all out in our pool? Contact Us to discuss your goals, and how we might help you, based on the extensive experience and expertise of our staff.

Dive Classes

Start a new adventure and learn how to dive! If you are already certified, learn new skills and have fun along the way as you further your dive education. We offer small group (a maximum of 6, and preferably no more than 4, students) and private / individual courses, conducted in our own heated, indoor pool.

Upcoming Trips

Through dive travel, people witness firsthand the beauty of coral reefs, the diversity of marine life, and the delicate balance of underwater ecosystems. Moreover, it promotes cultural exchange, as divers often engage with local communities and gain a greater appreciation for coastal regions worldwide. By experiencing the wonders beneath the surface, dive travel inspires stewardship and encourages efforts to protect our oceans for future generations. Join us on one of our many adventures

Our Services

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