What future technologies are expected to be developed

Future technologies: In the early 90s, people expected that the 2000s would feature flying cars, but the technological advances that came along did not include flying cars. The absence of flying cars in the present does not mean that there have not been any significant technological advances. It simply means that the predictions about the future do not always turn out to be as expected. In the present day, we have developed ground breaking future technologies such as artificial intelligence. Which is no less of a milestone than flying cars.

In the future, we expect researchers and innovators to develop more ingenious and revolutionary technology. Drones, the development of drone based cameras was a big step in the photography domain. However, innovators have revolutionized the same concept into something bigger enough to carry personnel. EHang’s AAV (autonomous aerial vehicle) was the first company to develop a passenger carrying drone. With the development of this, other companies have started created drones based on the same concept, which gives a peek into the future technologies that there will be low-altitude flying drones made available for the clientele who can afford it. In sci-fi movies, we have seen hovering over traffic, just like innovators have developed now. The future of flying cars after all, isn’t so far off.

What future technologies are expected to be developed
What future technologies are expected to be developed


Cryosleep, also referred to as deep-sleep. In this process, a person’s brain and body are put into suspended animation using a pod or a chamber. The function of which is to stop the aging effect, more like a pause button for life. Space Work enterprises, a part of future technologies, an aerospace company, is continuing this research on the project Torpor. Where, scientists are carrying out researches and experiments to make Cryo-sleep functional in order to successfully transport human life from earth to mars by putting them into deep sleep. More like taking a nap and waking up in mars.

Hard drives

Hard drives, or external storages. Companies are continuously working on cloud storages and making the use of hard drives go out of use. Creating cloud storages for users which they can pay to acquire more of, the purpose of it being, making everything available for users at any place. Companies like Microsoft have already started developing laptops without hard-drives like the Google chrome book. While enjoying the advantage of having everything made available on a cloud storage with access anywhere across the world, users and conspiracy theorists claim that tech-giants like Google, Facebook, etc., are doing this to make the information and data of everyone across the world available to corporates, leaving the users at their mercy.

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