Perseverance/ NASA Mission: Mars 2020


Get excited – We’re off to Mars! Perseverance is ready to fly off. The countdown to Mars is officially 1 day out. And NASA is ready to send its Perseverance rover off on her almost two year’s journey to the red planet. Lift off is targeted for July 30, at 4:50 PM UTC. NASA is going to attempt to search for signs of life in an ancient lake-bed once believed to hold water and, for the first time to take a flight on another planet. Perseverance Quick Facts: Mission Name:…

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Pluto is no more recognized as a Planet anymore


We all know that our solar system is consist of nine planets but this changed recently. When in year 2006 International Astronomical Union (IAU) observed some irregularities and downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet. So now we have eight planets in total instead of nine. Question is that why this happened? Let’s first understand characteristics of any space object to become a planet. Three Characteristics to become a planet: So there are three basic characteristics defined by International Astronomical Union to declare some space object as a planet, which are:–…

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Neowise Comet from ISS


Neowise, the once in a life time comet which was observed and seen from all over the world. Number of astronauts and photographers captured amazing pictures using professional cameras, binuclear and telescopes from around the world. Amazing pictures of comet Neowise is floating all over the internet. Humans from all over the earth have observed this amazing once in a life time event. Not just humans from the earth but few humans which are present at International Space Station have also observed this amazing event from outside earth. Astronauts from…

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