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Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender
Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender
Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender


Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender

Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russian troops to volunteer.

In a nightly speech on TV. He said that Russian troops had lost more time in attacking his country than in the Chechen wars.

He said they had begun to realize that they would not gain anything from the war.

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“I know you want to survive,” Zelensky said, adding that those who volunteered would be treated as “human, dignified”.

Mr Zelensky also paid tribute to Marina Ovsyannikova. A woman who disrupted Russian regional TV news by raising an anti-war sign.

He said he was “grateful to those Russians who never stopped trying. To spread the truth” and to those who fought against disinformation.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are expected to continue on Tuesday.
Later, in a video call to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And representatives of the international Joint Expeditionary Force because the Ukrainian leader again criticized Nato for its refusal to use non-aircraft.

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Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender
Zelensky urges Russian troops to surrender

Mr Zelensky described Nato as “the strongest alliance in the world”. But “some members of the alliance have fallen victim to Russian violence”.

Vladimir Putin’s attack had undermined Europe’s security

He added that Vladimir Putin’s attack had undermined Europe’s security infrastructure. And that fears of a Third World War allowed Russia to invade peaceful cities.

In another move, the prime ministers of Poland. Czech and Slovenia are on a train bound for Kyiv to meet with Mr. Zelensky.

The Polish government said in a statement. For the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and for launching a comprehensive package of support for the Ukrainian state and society”.

However, authorities in the affected capital have announced a 35-hour curfew that will start at 20:00 local time on Tuesday.

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Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said he would stay until 07:00 on Thursday. Adding that he had arrived at “a difficult and dangerous time”.

For other developments:

The Russian bombing of Kyiv continues, with the apartment building set on fire. After the sound of an explosion in the capital.
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said because Russian troops had taken over the Kherson region in Ukraine.
The death toll from a televised strike on Monday in Ukraine’s northern region of Rivne. Has risen to at least 19, said local governor Vitaliy Koval.
Speaking to Russian attackers, Mr Zelensky said. “We hear your conversations in the circles. We hear what you really think about this senseless war, about this scandal and your situation.”

Therefore, he said, he was giving them a choice on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

As human beings, with dignity.

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And the way your army does not treat us. Choose!”

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