Zach Gilford revealed he didn’t know Taylor Swift’s name while filming the “Ours” music video

Learn what he called her instead.

Sometimes you are enchanted to meet someone—but you have a blank space when it comes to their name.

That's what happened for Zach Gilford, who starred as Taylor Swift's love interest in the "Ours" music video,

he recently revealed he didn't know the superstar's first name while working with her on the 2011 project.

"Here's the thing...I'm just so out of touch," he admitted during the Jan.

"I only referred to her as Ms. Swift. I'd go 'Ms. Swift. She's so great. She's so sweet. She's so great to work with,'"

he recalled. "And I was terrified… I would have been the first person ever canceled if I said her name wrong."