Iconic frontman, enigmatic lyricist and now, consumer champion; Robert Smith has had a busy few weeks

The normally media-shy Cure singer has taken the fight to Ticketmaster and to secondary marketing scalpers since the band announced their first US tour in six years last month

railing against rip-off rates and securing remuneration for fleeced fans in the process.

A quick recap for those not acquainted with the situation.

When The Cure put the 30-date North American leg of their The Lost World tour on sale on March 15,

they’d hoped to keep tickets affordable, offering seats to fan club members for as little as $20

opting out of Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model that allows for Uber-style price gouging, and making tickets non-transferable so as to guard against

Imagine Smith’s concern, then, when he discovered that fans had been hit by eye-watering booking fees by Ticketmaster