US House in chaos

Kevin McCarthy loses speaker vote

"Kevin McCarthy has not made friends with certain segments of the caucus for a while, he's made a lot of enemies," said one Republican lobbyist 

entered into negotiations with his detractors - who see him as too mainstream and power hungry  

Mr McCarthy  

"The fact he was negotiating with the Republicans at all made him look very, very weak to the point of being desperate," the Republican lobbyist said. 

Negotiations made him look weak

They would "never back down" Representative Rob Good, a Virginia Republican, told reporters on Tuesday.


Virginia Republican 

They would "never back down" Representative Rob Good, 

Democrats remained unified behind their party's new leader, Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York. 

"We haven't heard anything new from McCarthy," 

"He's got to give the people who are against him something to hang their hat on," said Aaron Cutler 

Lauren Boebert of Colorado, told reporters. "So I guess we'll just keep doing this." 

The other Republican lobbyist, however, believed there was "no path to victory, at all, period."