The NBC co-hosts went viral for a sweet and salty reason

Hoda Kotb and Al Roker just went viral on the internet, and it's all because of a disagreement about a particular chocolate bar

In a recent segment on the Today show, the duo sat alongside Craig Melvin, Tom Llamas and Carson Daly as they listened to a story about how snacking habits in the U.S

With that, the group ate their favorite snacks until it came to Al's turn.

His choice of snack was a PayDay bar, which he felt counted in this category due to its healthier ingredients.

I was listening in on the senior producers' meeting, and they had a list [of the] top 20, and they included candy and salty snacks,

Despite the weatherman describing his love for the candy, seeing it without the wrapper made him hesitant to take a bite

As a result, the Today show's social team posted a Twitter poll on whether he should do so