The latest development in AI has dared to ask the question: What if the cast of Harry Potter had been dressed by Demna?

Machine learning will replace the workforce! Chat GPT will do away with literature! DALL·E will obliterate the artiste

And yet the apotheosis of AI-generated artwork (at least on Twitter) is a Harry Potter fan video staged within the Balenciaga-verse

The 55-second clip reimagines Snape and Voldemort as dour scene kids who say things like “What is the difference, Potter, between H&M and Balenciaga?”

and “There is no good and evil. There is only Balenciaga”.

Presumably engineered with the prompt ‘Harry Potter but yassified,’ the video uses Balenciaga as cultural shorthand for its intense and moody fashion image

. It would be “cult” and probably have a season on Mubi

Instead, we have Elon Musk replying to one of the many tweets that have emerged with flame emojis