Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order didn't launch in the best of states - or at least not if you were playing on the base versions of the PS4 and Xbox One

There were a few jitters here and there, a few crashes, and for me a couple of especially memorable

minutes-long hangs on those weird, Sonic-style slip-n-slides where I could genuinely get up and make a cup of tea and come back to the game just unfreezing itself again

But as much as the tea-break freeze was a novel feature, those things really aren't what stuck in the memory for me

What stuck for me was the slides themselves, strange level design relics caught slightly out of time

And Oggdo Bogdo, the exceptionally-named, wild difficulty spike of a bog frog mini boss.

And all the weirdly edgy finishing moves Cal Kestis, a baby faced, good-to-the-core Jedi, would pull off when taking those mini bosses down

There is a word for this stuff, this scuzzy, late noughties not-retro vibe, but I can't find it.