Not Emily In Paris’ Lucien Laviscount But Aaron Taylor Johnson Met James Bond Producers & Is Set To Replace Daniel Craig?

Aaron Taylor Johnson has now entered the James Bond Race and is the second name this week after Lucien Laviscount. Read on to know.

Daniel Craig has left the seat after the successful No Time To Die and made way for a new man to come in and become the iconic British spy.

It was two days ago we heard that the makers are eyeing Lucien Laviscount to play the part but today there’s a new name and it is, Aaron Taylor Johnson.

the latest reports say that Marvel’s Aaron Taylor Johnson known for playing Quicksilver.

has had a very positive meeting with the producers of James Bond led by Barbara Broccoli

If you aren’t aware, Daniel Craig after the release of No Time To Die announced his exit from the mantle he had with him for 15 long years.

The reports look pretty confident about the intel and below is all you need to know about this most interesting update of the day.