. - A Waukesha teacher asked kids to sing a Miley Cyrus song, but administrators say it's too controversial for elementary school

The song is called "Rainbowland." It's a duet between Cyrus and country star Dolly Parton.

One parent told FOX6 News Thursday she believes the controversy is more about rainbows than the lyrics of the songs

Sarah Schindler can't wait for the spring concert at Heyer Elementary. Her daughter, Audrey, can barely contain her own excitement.

"She asked, ‘Are you going to be able to get off work and come to my concert?’ I said, ‘Yes! I will come to your concert,'" said Schindler.

It was a big letdown for Audrey when she came home Wednesday and told her mom one of her favorite songs got pulled from the show

"She said, ‘We’re not allowed to sing those songs anymore,’" said Schindler.