Lily Collins Reveals The Truth Behind Those Emily In Paris “Trauma Bangs”

If you’re up-to-date with the latest style transformation of the honorary Parisienne at the centre of Emily In Paris S3, you’ll be familiar with the term “trauma bangs.”

If an interview the actor recently gave to The New York Times is anything to go on, it seems Collins isn’t a stranger to DIY dramatic style statements when going through personal shifts.

The Netflix star shared that she had a “life change” haircut during her mid-twenties: “I cut all my hair off — it was a pixie haircut

The statement-making makeover — which Emily’s best friend, Mindy, compares to a shih tzu — took place whilst the emotionally-exhausted character was alone with a pair of scissors and under the influence of a bottle of rosé (yikes!).

But when it came to getting the look IRL, Lily Collins, who perfectly depicts the “more is more” fashionista

Emily Cooper will be remaining in the French capital for a third season of love triangles, Vespa rides and retina-searing outfits.

If you are inspired by Emily, and adamant about cutting your own fringe, stylists suggest taking your hair texture into consideration, arming yourself with very small and very sharp scissors, and cutting conservatively.