Justin Long pens heartfelt tribute to girlfriend Kate Bosworth


Actor Justin Long is marking his girlfriend Kate Bosworth’s 40th birthday by sharing a moving tribute to her online.  

The 44-year-old captioned the post 

She is 40! She is also the best part of my day, everyday- even when we’re not together. She laughs with abandon. She makes me laugh the same- all the time 

Long wrote, 'She is 40! She is also the best part of my day, every day - even when we're not together.'

Loved up: Bosworth and Long met while working on a project last year and  started dating officially in May

He lovingly continued 

She has the best softest lips I’ve ever kissed. She loves beer and football more than I do (and I love beer and football). She is the strongest person I’ve ever known. 

She is the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen. 

She has, by far, my favorite smile”. 

She is purely good. She will stand up to anyone who isn’t. She has true integrity and grit 

The 40-year-old added, 

Thank you for showing me what love is and for making this the best birthday ever