EastEnders hints at affair story for Denise and Ravi

Denise decides to get a makeover from Lola Pearce in an attempt to add some spark back into her relationship with Jack Branning

impresses Ravi when she pops by Walford East to book a table for two.

She welcomes Jack home after getting the kids out of the house to the cinema, as he suggests he makes the most of their time in the free house.

However, he ends up in the doghouse with her, and decides to take her out for the day.

Amy invites Denzel over to the empty house, though is angry when he brings Nugget along, who has stolen a bottle of vodka from Suki's shop.

Ravi is left humiliated when he is confronted by Suki and Nish over the theft and being too soft, and goes to No 27.

However, the boys are drunk when he arrives, with Ricky Jr throwing up. He tells them off, before Jack and Denise stop by.