Just days after Warner Bros. announced the cancellation of “Judge Mathis” after 24 seasons

Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group has scooped up the services of Judge Greg Mathis to host a new first-run one-hour strip for fall 2023.

Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” has been given a “firm go” by Allen Media Group

which is now pitching the show for broadcast, cable and distribution platforms

In addition to broadcast syndication, the show will join Allen Media Group’s eight court series are carried on its television network Justice Central

Judge Greg Mathis is an outstanding, charismatic, and iconic television host

we are extremely confident that our eighth and newest court series with Judge Mathis will be very successful for years to come as he joins our outstanding roster of talent

Byron and I are both from Detroit and it’s exciting to see him build the Motown of court programming by bringing together all of my fellow judges from his 8 court shows – who are the best of the best.”