The kindness of Calgarians has changed the trajectory of the lives of a Ukrainian family who was on the brink of becoming unhoused upon arriving to Calgary

I can’t go to sleep at night thinking that there’s a family that’s homeless,” said Anne Yates-Lebarge — executive director, Hillhurst United Church (HUC).

Just last week, Yates-Lebarge’s house was quiet; however, now she’s surrounded by the sounds of children playing, as she is housing the family

The family was gifted three nights in a hotel when they arrived in Calgary and their stay was extended for an additional three nights when they couldn’t find a house

As a person coming in with very little language skills, no money whatsoever… they don’t have a chance of finding housing in three days,” Yates-Lebarge said

Yates-Lebarge picked up the family from the hotel parking lot and helped them in their search to find a permanent house

Meanwhile, the father, Oleksandr Kravchenko, is trying hard to find a job

It’s a hard search — my work, I work Ukrainian driving forklift, I like to… it’s my job,” Kravchenko said