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TV : How you measure your TV

TV : You do not need to spend big bucks to get a better picture on your TV. Our instructions and the $ 30 disc are all you need to make a basic estimate.
You can get the best picture on your TV by rating it. Professional equipping is a time-consuming and expensive process that requires specialized equipment and training, but you can also adjust your TV for better use by spending only $ 30 to $ 40 on a test disk and taking half an hour to play other settings.

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ISF-certified TV moderator

I am an ISF-certified TV moderator, and these instructions will guide you through the basic measurement process based on Imaging Science Foundation methods and do not require information about you. All you have to do is order Spears & Munsil Benchmark and Calibration Disc. The current version of the disk is Ultra HD Blu-ray, so you will need a UHD Blu-ray player (or PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X) to watch it. However, you can still get the old Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2nd Edition disc, which works with a standard Blu-ray player. It works well for color correction and brightness — it uses 1080p content instead of 4K.

useful tool for anyone

The Spears & Munsil disc is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to adjust their TV or just understand more about how video signals work, and is recommended by ISF founder and president Joel Silver. It comes with a wide range of instructions on both the disc and the included manual, but most of them are unnecessary and may be overlooked unless you are an expert and familiar with TV ratings just starting out.
Now, before I get started, I will note that most of the TVs I tested two years ago offer high quality color rendering (SDR) out of the box, often seen with streaming levels when using pre-set the right image. They are also more accurate when displaying high-density multicolor (HDR) signal, and in both cases they show excellent brightness performance as well.

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TV pictures

By following our guide for the best settings for your TV pictures, you can get an immersive view that is almost as good as the given panel can get it without having to go through a more precise rating process.

Get the Best Picture Mode

You will get the best results by starting with the right picture mode. This is the standard mode that sets the most settings for each image of your TV, and usually allows for some advanced options for adjusting the adjustment.

Ideally, your TV will have ISF image mode, which means it provides a complete list of settings to make a complete measurement (you won’t need to touch many of them; that’s professional). If not, check out any movie or theater mode and start there. If those are not available, see Custom. Stay away from any explicit, game, or sports modes.

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Use the Warm Color Temperature Setup

Once you have found the mode that seems correct, check the Color Temperature setting and make sure it is set to Warm. You can get precision pointing at color levels with full white balance / RGBCMY measurement, but that requires a measurement specialist with special equipment. For many consumers, pre-set warm color temperature will do the job.

Turn Off Unnecessary Image Features

Your TV probably comes with a few options designed to allow it to adjust the image settings of the aircraft to fit whatever you are watching. They have their place, but they are victims of equality.

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In the TV settings menu for your TV, look for any sub-menu that sounds like Advanced Picture, Expert Image, or Picture Options. Disable any feature with Adaptive, Dynamic, Motion, Processing, or Smoothing.

enhance movement

After all, disabling any features that enhance movement. Will reduce that effect of soap opera that many people do not like. Moving enhancements have their place. Usually in live games or video games, but most movies and TV shows are a lot of fun watching them off.

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Our rating updates provide an in-depth description of what these methods. Do and whether it matters whether your TV is 60, 120, or 240Hz.

Explore Picture Geometry

This can be a problem for cable boxes. When you browse between HD and SD channels, but otherwise you should be able to set everything to display images in their natural setting. Look for a button on your remote or setting in your Photo menu called Aspect Ratio, Image Size, or Zoom. Do not select anything called Wide, Zoom, 3: 4, or 16: 9.

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You can check if the image geometry is correct with the Spears & Munsil disc. Under Enhanced Video, select Setup and Freming. A test pattern will appear showing the parameters of the various solutions. If you are using a standard Blu-ray disc. White arrows pointing to 1920 x 1080 lines will touch the edge of the screen (this will work if you are using 4K TV again; your player will enhance the image). When using the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. The arrows pointing at 3840 x 2160 lines will touch the edge of the screen.

Set Brightness

This is where the Spears & Munsil disc really helps. You will adjust the brightness and brightness settings using the PLUGE test charts on disk. In the main disk menu, select Video Ratings and Compare. Fix C

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