Tiger Force’s Tip off : Stocked Hoard of Sugar & Wheat Found


16,000 tonnes of sugar and wheat were recovered from hoarders during a crackdown Monday based on a tip-off from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Tiger Force. The raid was carried out by the government of Punjab on PM’s orders against the hoarders.

The Tiger Force had reportedly provided special information about the hoarders, following which Rs1.1 billion worth of stocked-up sugar and wheat were seized.

In addition, almost 716 tonnes of wheat, 2,000 tonnes of rice, 10,000 kilogrammes of unhealthy meat and 800,000 litres of milk were also been recovered and subsequently destroyed.

In this regard, PM Imran has directed that the recovered sugar, wheat, and rice be sold in the market at the rates set by the government.

Advising the Punjab government to stabilise wheat prices, the premier directed for the price of a 20kg bag of flour to be reduced by Rs150 and emergency measures be taken to control the prices of flour.

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