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Techno-Matracon won the second highway project
Techno-Matracon won the second highway project
Techno-Matracon won the second highway project


Techno-Matracon won the second highway project

Techno-Matracon: The National Highways Authority (NHA) has declared Techno-Matracon. The successful bidder for the construction of the Kharian-Rawalpindi Expressway. The third and final leg of the Lahore-Rawalpindi Expressway.
The Roads Authority has issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the highest bidder for the project. Which is being implemented under a Build-Operate-Transfer Public-Private Partnership regime.
A total of three bidders applied for the project, including Frontier Works Organization (FWO) – ZEERUK, ZKB-SMC-SMADB-KASIB and Techno-Matracon – PowerChina Chengdu-Acc.

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Technical evaluation

Earlier, all the bidders were declared successful in the technical evaluation and now after the financial evaluation. Techno-Matracon – PowerChina Chengdu-Acc has been declared as the highest ranked bidder.
According to the financial model of the successful bidder. The total cost of the project will be Rs 85.6 billion. Of which it has requested Rs 6 billion as Capital Viability Gap Funding (VGF) during the construction period. The contractor also demanded Rs 10.2 billion as VGF operation during the first seven years of the project.
Meanwhile, the contractor would give about Rs 112 billion to the National Highways Authority over the next 25 years. As its revenue share and recover its investment and toll collection profits.
A simple comparison of the financial models of all three bidders clearly shows. That the offer of the successful bidder is much better than the others. As it offered to build the highway for half the money compared to other contractors.
For example, the project cost quoted by FWO and others was Rs 122.1 billion. While ZKB and others offered Rs 137.01 billion as the project cost.

Techno-Matracon won the second highway project
Techno-Matracon won the second highway project

Sukur-Hyderabad Expressway

Meanwhile, the successful contractor also demanded very low VGF operating funding from NHA compared to others. The bidder demanded only Rs 10.2 billion as VGF. While FWO and ZKB demanded Rs 110 billion and Rs 96 billion respectively.
It is pertinent to mention here that Techno is a new player in the road infrastructure sector in Pakistan and has already managed. To win the contract for the construction of the Sukur-Hyderabad Expressway. The last missing link of the expressway network between Peshawar and Karachi.
The Kharian to Rawalpindi Expressway will start from Kharian where the under construction Sialkot-Kharian Expressway would terminate. And then terminate at the T-Chowk on the G T Main Road near Rawat in Rawalpindi.

Section of the expressway

This section of the expressway includes 8 interchanges. At Sarai Alamgir, Jhelum, Dina, Sohawa, Gujar Khan, Mandra, Banth Moor, Chak Beli and 2 major toll plazas.
Sources privy to the development informed that the NHA earlier wanted to build a 6-lane expressway, but for this. It will have to pay Rs 13.78 billion as compensation for a rival route to the operator of the existing Lahore-Islamabad expressway (M-2).
Therefore, after detailed discussion. The total length of the project is 117.1 km. Including two tunnels of 1300 and 500 meters and a 40 km long service road. The project will have 2 service zones and two rest stops on both sides of the highway. And the speed limit on the highway will be 120 kilometers per hour.
Once completed, the project would provide about 100 km of short highway route between Lahore and Islamabad.

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Lahore-Islamabad Expressway

The existing Lahore-Islamabad Expressway (M-2) is 375 km long, but the new Lahore-Rawalpindi route would be about 290 km long.
Out of these 290 km, 103 km Lahore-Sialkot Expressway is operational and 70 km Sialkot-Kharian Expressway. While this 117 km Kharian-Rawalpindi Expressway will be started within the next six months. After completion of legal and codal formalities.

NHA declares Techno-Matracon the successful bidder for the construction of the Kharian-Rawalpindi Expressway.

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