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World In 2031
World In 2031
World In 2031

Science and Technology

Tech Tent : World in 2031

Tech Tent : Will robots take over more jobs for artisans in the next decade? Will we find new sources of energy to help us fight climate change? And will we all survive in the visible world?

This week Tech Tent unveils its crystal ball and asks some of the top thinkers. To know what the world will look like a decade from now.
If it is to be believed that Mark Zuckerberg. By the year 2031 we will all be living and working in a wide area. A series of visible worlds that will be the most important new technology platform Tech Tent since the advent of the web.

He is confident that this is the future for. Facebook this week to announce that it will create 10,000 jobs. In the EU dedicated to building metrics.
Emma Ridderstad, whose company Warpin develops real training software, believes in what the metaverse says.

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“You’ll be able to shop, you’ll be able to meet your friends. You’ll be able to work remotely with whoever you want. And You’ll be able to share digital spaces, share music, share art,” he explained.

digital content

“You will also be able to integrate digital content Tech Tent into your world. Making the world more digital than it is today.”
For example, you can go to a football game. Where you can’t get to the bottom – with your digital avatar sitting in your regular chair. You disperse the game by your neighbor’s own person.

But Dr Nicola Millard, a key partner in innovation at BT, made a warning.

He says processing will have to show users that it’s worth spending. Time on heavy headsets or other gears – and that it can actually help.

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Dr. Millard also warned that finding your way around this new area can be tricky. Especially if there are so many different routes offered by different companies.

Emma Ridderstad says she hopes Facebook will not end up dominating the metaverse and is confident that more companies. From theaters to real businesses like her, will build this new world.

The future of power

Dr James Dixon, author of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Tech Tent report entitled Energy Technologies for Net Zero, says the priority is to make homes more energy efficient.

“How are we going to supply heat to the buildings?

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The UK government recently announced incentives for homeowners to replace electric boilers with heat pumps, although environmentalists have said very little will be used in the project.
But Dr. Dixon says different clean fuel will play a big role.

World In 2031
World In 2031

“All the way to zero zero between now and 2050 requires a huge increase in the amount of hydrogen production we need,” he says – so increasing hydrogen production is a must.

He says the sector to eliminate all fuel consumption will not happen in the short term, so there will also be a need for more innovation in the capture and storage of carbon.

In terms of transportation, “almost all roads to zero as a whole depend on 100% of cars for zero emissions, probably electric cars.”

Where is the next AI?

The last decade has seen major advances in artificial intelligence, with computers learning to drive cars, providing fast translation from one language to another, and winning the best players of China’s sophisticated Go Go game.

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Azeem Azhar, whose new book Exponential explains how AI and other technologies are changing the economy and society at a tremendous rate, tells us that there is more to come. Tech Tent.

But he says one thing we have learned is that automation does not necessarily lead to job losses, pointing to what happened during the epidemic.
“If you have a lot of AI, you’ve brought a lot of staff to the board, whether you’re a food delivery business, or an online bookstore. Those with a lot of AI employ a lot of people because they have a lot of competition.”

He thinks that pattern will last for the next ten years.

He also sees AI come into our lives in every way we can – we help banks make better decisions about lending, or speed up the search for new things we will need in a carbon-free world.

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But it is in health that AI promises to have the greatest impact.

“We have been able to identify potential voters who will be effective in combating the virus, very quickly – in a few weeks – because companies like Moderna have invested heavily in AI-enabled platforms to find these people.”
AI promises great improvements in our daily lives, but it also has the potential to do much damage.

Discrimination against algorithms can detect computers denying jobs or insurance to minors, and there have been warnings that installing face recognition on military drones could create autonomous killing machines.

Tech Tent will continue to monitor the positive and negative impacts of the technology – perhaps we will report from the opposition in 2031 how accurate the predictions of our experts are.

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