Gold price in Pakistan today – July 18, 2020

Gold Image

Gold Price in Pakistan today are given below: Composition of Gold: Gold is always composed of gold and a specified amount of metal i.e. silver or any other alloy metal. Gold is always measured in Cartage known as Carat which defines the purity of gold. Following are different compositions of Gold: 18 Carat Gold 18 Carat gold is composed of 75% grams of gold and 25% grams of alloy which is mostly copper and silver. So, a 18K 10gm of gold bar has 7.5 grams of gold and 2.5 grams…

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Chand Grahan: Dusk Lunar Eclipse Ends.

Sky-gazers from across the world observed a full moon and a limited (Chand Grahan: Dusk Lunar Eclipse) today. People from South/West Europe, much of Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica were able to view the dusk lunar eclipse. However, lunar eclipse on July 5 was not visible in Pakistan. Check highlights below: (Chand Grahan: Dusk Lunar Eclipse) ended at 11:22:21 IST today. The total time of this eclipse was around 2 hours, 45 minutes. Many people were not able to observe the eclipse on July…

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