Raw Agent arrested in Karachi for murders and attacks

Raw Agent Zafar Khan

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday busted a Raw agent arrested in Karachi for doing targeted killings and being involved in bombings at the command of Indian agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). According to FIA officials, Raw agent arrested in Karachi, identified as Zafar Khan, was a member of the Karachi fire brigade and had been in India for 14 months where he had acquired coaching and is an expert in making bombs and using advanced weapons. A lawsuit has been registered against the suspects and an…

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Indian media reports Chinese forces in Pakistan


July 2nd 2020 Indian media accused Chinese air force using Skardu air base in Pakistan. India also claimed of Chinese land forces to be present in Pakistan. Along with deployment of additional Pakistan Army troops in Gilgit Baltistan. Indian electronic and social media reported of additional Pakistan army troops deployment in GB along the Line of Control (LOC) and also chinese ari force to be using Skardu air base, which is far from truth. DG ISPR in his tweet stated that all of this is false, irresponsible and far from…

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