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Sri Lankan factory manager
Sri Lankan factory manager
Sri Lankan factory manager


Sri Lankan factory manager was tortured to death by workers

Sri Lankan Factory Manager CM Buzdar orders an investigation, labeling the “horrific” incident; Tahir Ashrafi calls the act “Muslim”
The immigrant, who worked as a factory manager at Wazirabad Road.

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Regional police chief Omar Saeed Malik said factory workers severely beat the Sri Lankan man, which resulted in his death.
The workers also vandalized the factory and closed vehicles, according to police. After receiving a report of the incident, a police team arrived at the scene and tried to control the situation.

“After successful negotiations with the angry protesters, traffic was resumed,” said a police official.

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The DPO said it was still investigating the death of the foreign manager.

‘Very shocked’ CM Buzdar refuses to ask

Responding to the development.

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“I have instructed the IG Police to investigate further so […] Rest assured, the people involved in this inhumane act will not survive !!” said the prime minister.

Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar, speaking at a press conference, said “about 50 people have been arrested”.

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“CCTV footage is available to identify those involved. Apart from this, the RPO and the Gujranwala Division commissioner are in the area and monitoring the situation.

“IG has instructed law enforcement to report the results within 48 hours.

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“Pakistan, in fact any civilized society, cannot allow horrific acts to happen. We will conduct a completely impartial investigation,” he said.

“Islam is a religion that preaches peace, security and brotherhood and that prohibits violence.

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Asked by a reporter because how quickly the police responded to the crowd. He said the force arrived there at 11:46 p.m.

“During the investigation, if we find police negligence at any level. We will take immediate action against the police involved,” he said, adding that an initial investigation within the next 48 hours would determine what police response was. if there was a delay.

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Khawar said the incident took place around 11.30am. So there was a 20-minute gap between the 15-call hotline and the arrival of police. “We will confirm the whereabouts of the police force at the time […] we will immediately suspend the police if we get a one minute delay.”

‘Non-Islamic, inhuman act’

Special Representative to the Prime Minister of Religious Affairs. Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, said the killing of the factory manager on suspicion of blasphemy because it was “sad” and “condemned”. He said the Pakistan Ulema Council strongly condemned the killing of a Sri Lankan man.

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Ashrafi said the country has laws that speak of blasphemy. And taking the law into their own hands, “the invaders have defied our laws”.

Sri Lankan factory manager
Sri Lankan factory manager

“Those who killed the Sri Lankan manager in Sialkot committed a non-Islamic, inhuman act,” he added.

Later, speaking at a press conference, Ashrafi. On behalf of Pakistan and all schools of thought and people of all religions in the country, condemned the act. “In fact, I believe those who committed this act have brought dignity to Islam and Pakistan.”

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“Those who have done so have never served Islam, or Pakistan. In fact, they are contradicting the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his moral code,” he said.

CM Punjab Usman Buzdar

Ashrafi said Prime Minister Imran Khan. CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and Punjab police “are all in a clear position that criminals will not survive”.

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An aide to the Prime Minister said that in a similar vein. The elements behind it “tried to undermine” the laws governing defamation.

“It is a matter of great pain and sorrow because we have established a place of love, tolerance and peace. In the midst of great suffering in Pakistan.

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“These 113 cases are being reviewed by the Muttahida Ulema Board. And people have been acquitted and are now at home,” he added.

He conveyed words of condolence to the people of Sri Lanka and the heirs of the deceased. “This act, and the use of the name Islam, has brought us great shame,” he said.

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Of various schools of thought and this week religious leaders. Would go to the Sri Lankan embassies to convey their condolences.

‘I’m so scared’

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As news of the incident unfolded. The human rights group Amnesty International. In South Asia. And killings” of Sri Lankan people on allegations of blasphemy.
It demanded that the authorities immediately because it conduct an independent impartial and speedy investigation and hold accountable perpetrators accountable.
“Today’s event emphasizes the urgency of fixing an environment. That allows for violence and puts lives at risk,” said the NGO.

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