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SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android
SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android
SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android


SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android

SD card: Take full advantage of your storage with SD card.
Do you lose your memory? In this guide, you will learn how to move apps to your SD card to free up storage and get more out of your storage space.

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Managing storage space has become easier with the help of cloud services, live streaming, and smartphones that get extra internal memory. However, it is usually a matter of time before you find yourself looking at applications that you can delete to make room for additional files and applications. Many of you may have budget equipment, which often makes sacrifices in the storage department. You can also enjoy games, and these apps are known for using a significant amount of storage.

The good news is that if your device comes with expandable storage, you’ll be able to move apps to the SD card. Additionally, you can turn your MicroSD card into internal storage. This will make it possible to move applications to your SD card and all other data you may have on your phone. We’ll show you how to do both.

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You can move applications to SD by going to Settings> Applications and selecting the application you want to move. Then go to the Storage section. Log in to Storage used, press Change, select SD card, and then Move.

Things to know before moving on
There are some things to keep in mind before moving on. Although the ability to move applications to the SD card used to be widespread, it has become less common in recent years. First, the list of devices that support even SD cards is getting shorter. Most of them are mid-range or budget phones. And even if your device has an SD card, it may not support moving applications to the card. In addition, app developers should allow this feature. Very few do today.

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It should also mean that other phones can also convert your external storage into internal storage. This also has its disadvantages. The important thing is that the phone will need to use the SD card all the time, and it cannot be transferred to another phone unless it is formatted. We will discuss this in more detail and its effects in the final section of this guide.

How to transfer apps to SD card on Android

The good news is that it is not easy to move apps to SD card on Android. Just remember that some apps do not allow this feature. Manufacturers may also remove this capability.

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Open the Settings app.
Log in to the apps.
Access the application you want to move to the card.
Select Storage.
If the app supports the feature, you will see an option called Used Storage. To change where the app is stored, tap the Change button once.
Select SD card.
Tap Move.
The phone will transfer files.
This process is reversible, so if you have to decide if you want the app back to your internal storage, you can move it and use the same process.

Use SD card as internal storage

If the previous method was not good enough or not supported by your application / manufacturer, there is still another way to move applications to microSD on Android. It would be a very simple option. You can make Android manage your SD card as internal storage. This will make everything a lot easier, as you no longer have to worry about where to put apps and files. Your internal storage and SD card will change to one organization.

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SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android
SD card: How to transfer apps to SD card on Android

Converting your MicroSD card to internal storage has its problems. Once you have turned the SD card into phone storage, you will only be able to use that storage unit on that particular phone (unless you format it again). Additionally, the phone will only work if the specified microSD card is inserted. Removing it will trigger a factory data reset.
Besides turning your phone and card into one another, you may also be concerned about performance. cards may be slow. Make sure you get it fast enough to keep the functionality healthy on your Android device. Lastly, not all phones support this feature, even if it has expandable storage.

Accept SD card easily

Insert a microSD card into the phone.
If the device supports it, a notification will ask you how you want to use it.
Choose to use external storage. This will format and encrypt the microSD card.
How to get an card in settings
Insert a microSD card into your Android phone.
Open the Settings app.
Select Storage.
Tap on the card you inserted.
Click the menu button and select Storage Settings.
Select Format as internal.
Click Clear and format.
Click OK.
Submit your data (or choose to do so later).

Using a third-party application

If you are not lucky enough with traditional ways of moving apps to cards, you may want to try something else – using a third-party application. Lots of them in the Google Play Store. The most popular is AppMgr III, formerly known as App 2 SD.

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Keep in mind that these will not work with all applications. These apps are great options when phones have stopped supporting the feature, and your apps still stop.

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