Raw Agent arrested in Karachi for murders and attacks

Raw Agent Zafar Khan

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday busted a Raw agent arrested in Karachi for doing targeted killings and being involved in bombings at the command of Indian agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

According to FIA officials, Raw agent arrested in Karachi, identified as Zafar Khan, was a member of the Karachi fire brigade and had been in India for 14 months where he had acquired coaching and is an expert in making bombs and using advanced weapons.

A lawsuit has been registered against the suspects and an investigation is started, officials said.

Furthermore, FIA officials said they had also arrested two members of a money exchange company who were supposedly part of a RAW sleeping cell. The two suspects were sending money to anti-state parts through Hawala and Hundi.

In May, the FIA arrested a suspected member of RAW who was serving as an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in the special branch of the police and was a key member of a RAW sleeper cell.

Officials said: “Information of others involved in the activities have been sent to all the airports in the country”, adding that laptops, phones, and guns were recovered from them.

FIA said that the suspect had been recruited in Sindh Police in the year 1991 and was a member of MQM’s London group. He had been involved in helping his partners at the airport and was also involved in targeted killings and terrorism activities.

Officials said that the accused had visited India in 2008 to receive coaching.

However, Indian people always come with their lame excuse that this is not our people as they said in here in the comments.

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