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Quick Note
Quick Note


Quick Note : How to Create a Quick Note on your Mac

Quick Note : Here’s a quick way to record a thought on your Mac with Apple’s Quick Note.
You are in front of your Mac and you need to write something before you forget it. Instead of opening the notes app and creating a new blank page, use Quick Note, which lets you quickly start a new note with keyboard shortcuts, mouse movements, or even select text on a web page in Safari. Like any notes-created page, you can format and customize the Quick Notes document as you see fit. Here’s how it works.

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Update your Mac

First, make sure you are using macOS Monterey 12.0 or higher. Click the Apple icon at the top left and select About This Mac. If the window reveals the old version of macOS, click the Software Update button to download and install the latest update.

Open Instant Note

You can launch Empty Quick Note using the Function + Q keyboard shortcut (or Globe + Q key for new Macs). The feature can be restarted by setting a hot button that tells the app to appear when you move the mouse to a specific corner of the screen.
Open System Preferences> Desktop & Screen Saver, click the Screen Saver tab and select the Hot Corners button. Click any of the four fields representing the four corners of the screen and change the entry to Note, then click OK. Next time you move your mouse in the right corner, a square box should appear. Click the box to start the note.
You can also create an Note by selecting text on a web page in Safari. Highlight the text you want to save, then click the share icon and select New Note or

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Add Quick Note.

Selected text and a link to the web page are both included in the new note. When you click a link to your note, we will take you back to a web page associated with highlighted text.
Another way to create a Note in a web page is to highlight text, then right-click and select New Quick Note or Insert Quick Note from the popup menu.

A Note appears with the text you selected and a website link. Also, click the link to return to the webpage, and the text you selected is highlighted.

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Format a Quick Note

You can format your Note using the formatting tools built into the Notes application. To change the font or other attributes, select the text and click the Style icon at the top. Select the attribute you want to use or select a specific style such as Title, Subject, or Subtitle.
To create a checklist in existing text, select the lines you want to merge and click the checklist icon at the top. Click the Pictures icon to add an image to Quick Note. Select Photos to select an existing image, or select one of the other options to take a new image, scan a document, or add a drawing.
Click the share icon or the common share icon at the top to send a note to other people. Choose how and who you want to share it with.

Save Quick Note

After you create a Note, just close it, and it will be automatically saved in the Notes app. Open the notes app and click the quick notes section to view the notes you added this way. If you do not see different folders for your notes, click View and select Show Folders.
A note that does not contain a title is saved with a New Note name. To name it, open a note and type the title at the top.

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Quick Note
Quick Note

Change Restart Options

If you have already created one Quick Note and are trying to create another using the keyboard shortcut or hot button, the previous Quick Note appears assuming you wish to add a new note in the past.
If you would like to create a new note every time, open the Notes app and select Preferences from the Notes menu. Uncheck the box Restart the Quick Quick Note.

Manage Instant Notes

You can manage Quick Notes as you would a normal note. Open Notes and select the Quick Notes folder. To delete a note, right-click on it and select Delete. Move a note from the quick notes folder to a new location by right-clicking the note and then going to the Move to options. You can then select a new folder.
From the right-click menu, you can re-pin a note to quickly access it, double-click to create and edit a copy of the note, and mark it with a specific hashtag or category.

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