PTA temporarily puts a ban on PUBG

PUBG Game ban by PTA

As the statement from PTA regarding the ban of the game PUBG due to adverse effects on society ie time waste and its addictive nature, PTA has temporarily banned the game.

Here is the official link to the press release by the PTA:


According to the PTA “we have received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the children“, that’s why for now PTA temporarily puts a ban on PUBG.

This decision can be linked to the latest incident of suicide in the country which is related to PUBG.”According to media reports, cases of suicide attributed to PUBG game have been reported. Honorable Lahore High court has also directed PTA to look into the issue and decide the matter after hearing the complainants. In this regard, a hearing is being conducted on the 9th of July 2020” says PTA.

Now the Authorities are looking for public opinion on this matter “The Authority also decided to solicit views of the public with reference to the said online game. In this regard, the public is encouraged to provide feedback through by July 10, 2020“-PTA.

Public can give their opinion on this matter through the provided mailing address ““. We will we see in the coming days what is the public opinion, as it was a source of Entertainment as well as Earning for some.

“The PTA has received many complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the children,” a statement of the authority said. It stated that excessive violence triggers aggressive behavior among the youth and they become addicted to the game. The CCPO said the game should be banned and an awareness campaign should be launched.

13 Thoughts to “PTA temporarily puts a ban on PUBG”

  1. Taimoor malik

    Tjat is really a false decision because it is really harmfull for gaming community and as we know in this digital worls the espn gaming feild has a good scope and and youngster’s are making their future uning the game.. It also tends young people to surf ther time in plying the game and not involving in bad activites.. So in my point of view it is realy a bad desission and pta must unbaned pubg mobile game
    #justice for pubg

  2. Muhammad Ahmad

    #Unban Pubg

  3. Abdul Hameed


  4. sifat ali

    so baad decigan

  5. Imran

    Abi to bachy gahr main bahtay thay bahir janay ka nam hi nhi laytay thay …bachy save thay corona say ..
    Hum muzamat karty hain ..ya bahut bura iqdam ha entertainment py b pabandi ..shame

  6. Ubaid Khan Zafar

    PTA doesn’t need to BAN PUBG.Those parents who’ve issues about thier Childrens studies regarding this game should better control thier son.You cant Ban a game because someone attempt suicide because of it.If you do so then You have close all the educational Institutions because alot of students are attempting suicides because of study burden.
    And Pakistan’s Youtubers are making alot of money to suppoft their family and Also they represents Pakistan…

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  8. Abis

    Unban Pubg Unban Pubg

  9. Abdul Rafay Ansari

    Unbanned PUBG MOBILE

  10. Habib khan

    Unban pubg moblle

  11. Sanaullah


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