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Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast
Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast
Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast


Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast

Podcast: Have an idea for the next big podcast? Our interactive guide will show you how to find your voice, software and hardware that you need to create your podcast, and how it sounds.
My favorite podcast, Fresh Air and Terry Gross, from WHYY National Public Radio. In Philadelphia, featured many well-known guests, from Hillary Clinton to comedian Mel Brooks. But what draws me is Gross’ warm relationship with his guests. It reminds me, as a journalist, to listen carefully to my interviewers and ask wise, appropriate questions.

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All sorts of podcasts got a big jolt in 2021 when Only Murders in the Building. An American television series composed by comedians Steve Martin and John Hoffman, became a hit song for Hulu. Obviously, it is a good time to try this growing and potentially profitable approach. As podcasts continue to draw a lot of attention from media companies.

Want to get into it? We’ve done a great job of helping you get started.

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What is a Podcast?

Basically, a podcast is a digital audio or recording program. Such as a radio or television show, that can be downloaded online or made available on various mobile devices. Like most media outlets in the digital age, the format, structure, and content of a podcast. Is often similar to that of the old analog medium: the broadcast-radio system. Podcasts, like radio, are often created sequentially and post new episodes regularly.

Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast
Podcast: How to Make Your Own Effective Podcast

There is an important difference, however. First, the concept of time is different from podcasts: Each listener controls. (and by what device) listening to a podcast, as opposed to radio and television, which uses programs from time to time. Also, you can make your own podcast piece any length you want — five minutes or five hours. As an advertiser, you are in control.

Technical podcasts

Several online media formats include similar audio but not all technical podcasts. A video podcast, sometimes called a “vidcast,” is similar to a podcast but includes a visual component, which may be a slideshow of still images or real video. Web streaming usually includes live segments. Vlog, or video blog, uses a blog-style format (the latest episode previews) but presents content in video format (on a platform like YouTube). To find out more, check out PCMag’s collection of cameras and blogging tools.

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Podcast Formats and Types

There are a number of formats to choose from for your podcast. Consider which genre is best for presenting your content. Like the Fresh Air Pod, the interview is the most common format. It usually features a single host that introduces and interviews guests. This type of shoot is a panel discussion or round table format, with the host leading the discussion. A monologue is a commentary podcast style built around one person, giving the show a single word or point of view. Lore, which focuses on the gruesome history of the common myth and is told in almost the same style as campfire, is an excellent example of a one-man-style podcast.

In a multi-hosted format, the podcast is divided into a few different people, or two or more co-hosted co-hosts of the program. For example, Pardon My Take is a comedy sports podcast featuring two of his collaborators, Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter (Pro Football Talk Commenter).

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Podcast chat style

Unlike the first three genres, narrative, or podcast chat style, we focus on how the content is presented. In many ways, this genre has further enhanced the popularity of podcasting recently. And while some of the aforementioned podcasts, like Lore, can come in here too, many narrative podcasts have a fixed line quality and usually do not change to another title or section. This could be a fiction, such as Le American Life and Serial, or a myth, such as Wolf 359 and Flash Forward. Finally, podcasts of mixed or mixed formats use various features of the other four types of content. A mixed podcast may also use content from other sources, such as radio or television.

What you need

The development of hardware and software technologies has dramatically changed the way podcasts are developed, created, produced, and distributed. There are even new, inexpensive ways to ensure that your surroundings help you to get high quality sound.

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Your budget will be a major factor in determining what equipment you buy. But if you plan to record in the field, you will probably need additional gear. For detailed information on which computer systems you will need, read our full guide to the best podcasts available today.
To properly record your podcast on your computer, you will need audio editing (or DAW, digital audio workstation software), such as Propellerhead’s Reason or Avid Pro Tools, which can cost from about $ 100 upwards $ 600. With Adobe Audition, you need a subscription, which can cost $ 20.99 per month (although Adobe usually uses special offers).

Beginners of the podcasts

For beginners of the podcast, it is a good idea to download one of the most popular (free) audio apps: Audacity, a dynamic dual track editor that covers many online courses. GarageBand software, which comes for free on all Mac computers, is also a good choice. You can record audio, edit it, adjust tone tones, add effects to fill, and perform many other podcasting tasks. You can also import audio clips, including audio recordings of an external audio recorder, your tablet, or your phone.
Cast provides all the desired tools or professional podcasters that they need to record.

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