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Noor Muqqadam murder: Alleged executioner to be put on ECL

noor muqadam
noor muqadam

Noor Muqqadam an ex-representative little girl murdered

ISLAMABAD: The public authority has chosen to put the supposed enemy of an ex-represetative’s little girl on the ECL and seized his visa, sources in the inside service revealed to The News on Friday.

The group exploring the frightful homicide of ex-minister Shaukat Muqqadam’s girl Noor Muqqadam, 27, recorded the explanation of mother of the person in question and barbecued the psychotherapist, who were called first by some family companion as opposed to calling the police however their reactions couldn’t fulfill the researching group.

A dependable cop revealed to The News that the supposed executioner acted himself like insane to keep away from examination, adding that the suspect would be delivered under the watchful eye of the court to get his actual remand. The official didn’t preclude the part of an arranged homicide, as the supposed executioner had booked his pass to escape abroad subsequent to killing the lady.

Noor Muqqadam
Noor Muqqadam


July 4th:A video goes viral of two men beating their sister and mother with a helmet and a hammer because she asked for her rightful inheritance. 
July 6th:We reject the Domestic Violence bill trends with many religious clerics coming out against the bill, notably Mufti Tariq Masood and Ansar Abbasi. Imran Khan succumbs to their pressure and asks the CII to review it. 
July 7th:Usman Mirza allegedly breaks into a hotel room and assaults a couple. 
July 15th: Umar Khalid Memon allegedly tortured his wife Quratulain for hours and killed her in Hyderabad.
July 18th:Raza Ali allegedly shot dead his wife and injured his children shooting at them in Peshawar.
July 18th:Daughter of the Afghan ambassador allegedly gets kidnapped and injured from Islamabad.
July 20th:Zahir Jaffer allegedly beheaded Noor Mukaddum in Islamabad. 
These are just the stories that went viral in the last two weeks. The newspapers are full of similar stories over the last two weeks where women were assaulted, beaten, and murdered. 
I’ve tried not thinking about it all day but it is impossible to celebrate Eid knowing this country is not safe for women. 
What else is there left to say? 
Women need to watch what they wear? Children are getting assaulted each day, should we put young boys in armour because men will be men?
Women need to stay home.These are women getting assaulted at home. 
Hum apni ma bhain biwi kee izzat jantay hain.These are stories of people murdering their ma, bhain, biwi. 
Bardasht karna chaiye. Bardasht kartay kartay mar gayee hain ye auratain. 
Islam mard ko aurat ko marnay kee ijazat deta hay? If you think your religion allows you to do this, it’s not the religion but you who are the monster who looks at justification for his crimes in religion. You will go to hell. 
And let’s not pretend these are outliers. These aren’t the savage Taliban in the North. These are men you know. Men you’re friends with. Men you see. 
You cry not all men but yes these are most men. If you are not murdering your wife, congratufuckinglations, you’re an ally because the bar really is that low.
A celebrity gets called out for domestic violence and the entire industry supports him. A singer gets called out for sexual harassment and the entire internet makes him a hero. A writer abuses women on TV and he becomes a national icon.
Qandeel is dead and Mufti Qavi is living his best life. 
Fuck you if you say ‘Not All Men’ because it is our entire society that keeps protecting men, men who blame women, men who promote rape culture, men who defend harassers, men who reject domestic violence bill, men that tell you it is our religion or culture that allows you to beat women, men who don’t file FIRs when women go to the police, men who ask women to do a two finger test, men who gather families to tell the wife to be silent about abuse, men who tell their daughters they are better dead than divorced, the idea that you will hang one person and women will be safe again is insane because sure not all men, but God damn, it  really does seem to be most of us.

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