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New Zealand professor snorkel over a Tonga volcano
New Zealand professor snorkel over a Tonga volcano
New Zealand professor snorkel over a Tonga volcano

Science and Technology

New Zealand professor snorkel over a Tonga volcano

New Zealand professor Shane Cronin recently returned from snorkelling over the Tonga underwater volcano that erupted in January.

He wanted to explore Hunga-Tonga Hunga-Ha’apai (HTHH), and to collect rock samples.

The volcano erupted more than a century of volcanic eruptions on January 15.

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It sent ash and vapor into the center and caused a tsunami that swept across the Pacific.

The event has literally touched every corner of the globe as the waves of air spread in all directions to complete the full cycle.

University of Auckland scientist

Work on the volcano has now diminished, allowing the University of Auckland scientist. To get closer to a small boat and locals from Tongan Dee and Bronco Sugar.
Prior to the event, a volcanic crater, or opening, reached over the waves, forming two interconnected islands. A large structure called Hunga-Ha’apai and a small one known as Hunga-Tonga.

NZ professor snorkels over Tonga volcano
NZ professor snorkels over Tonga volcano

These protrusions still exist, although greatly reduced in size. Prof Cronin swam around them, diving to pick up rocky debris.

“It was cool,” he told BBC News. “The water was clear and beautiful to swim in. I saw the first barnacles begin to grow on the volcanic rocks. And there were angelfish and a few other small fish. Dee saw a small barracuda. ​​There was no volcanic sign [function].”
New Zealand professor has been touring the Pacific Pacific nation, Tongatapu, collecting ashes samples and exploring remnants of tsunami sand.

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He also communicates with residents, watches their videos and photos, and records their own personal accounts.

A scientist has developed a detailed timeline for the eruption and the tsunami that accompanies it.

four different water waves

New Zealand professor says it looks like there were four different water waves. Two small waves come before the main one rises ashore at least 15m above sea level.

He explained: “And looking at the proof of the deposit, so digging into the tsunami-affected areas and seeing how they interact with the ashes. I think there is another one coming later, a little later, about four hours after the start. three. “
Professor Cronin hopes to come across the two remnants of HTHH at some point as part of his experimental work.

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His exploration will also be greatly assisted by research ships heading to the volcano. Including a British robotic boat that will spend a month on the volcano.

The flotilla will map the underwater mountain map to see how it has changed. It is suspected that part of the volcano or part of the wall of its collapsed caldera caused the tsunami.

“The eruption produced the largest ash column ever measured by satellite data and the largest atmospheric waves orbiting the Earth. It was an astonishing event,” said Prof Cronin.

“And because so much evidence is underwater, there has to be these naval studies. As well as my studies in the world, to try to understand what happened at the event, and (I ask) what this means. In fact hundreds of other volcanoes of the same type and the same depth below sea level. How likely are they to produce deadly eruptions? “

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