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Neil Young Wants To Quit Spotify
Neil Young Wants To Quit Spotify
Neil Young Wants To Quit Spotify


Neil Young wants to quit Spotify

Neil Young has demanded that Spotify remove his music, due to misinformation spread by broadcaster Joe Rogan on the broadcast service.

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“They can be Rogan or younger. They are not both,” the star wrote in a letter to her superiors and a recording label.

As well as promoting unauthorized claims about treating Covid-19 with the anti-parasite drug ivermectin.

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Spotify, which paid $ 100m for podcast rights in 2020, is yet to comment.

Neil Young comments came in an open letter.

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“I want you to inform Spotify as soon as possible. TODAY that I want all my music out of their place,” he wrote.

spreading false information

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading false information about vaccines. Which could lead to the death of those who believe the antibacterial information they are transmitting. Please do this as soon as possible today and let me know the timeline.”
“With an estimated 11 million listeners each episode, JRE [Joe Rogan Experience], played exclusively on Spotify, is the world’s largest podcast and influential,” Neil Young continued.

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“Spotify has a responsibility to reduce the spread of false information on its site. Even though the company does not currently have a fraud policy in place.”
Young is not the first person to express concern about Rogan’s podcast content.

Last month, 270 doctors, scientists, and health workers signed an open letter. Asking Spotify to implement a policy to address false information because of Rogan’s “history” when discussing the Covid-19 epidemic.

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The book quoted an article in which Neil Young interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, an HIV specialist . Who had worked in pre-clinical research on mRNA technology after several Covid-19 vaccines, but is now more critical of treatment.

Malone also falsely claimed that vaccination puts people . Who already have Covid-19 at high risk. And said world leaders have tricked the public into supporting the policies, drawing a parallel between the epidemic and the rise of the Nazi party in the 1930s in Germany.

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Last year, before the episode was recorded, Neil Young made it clear that he was “not an anti-vaxist”.

“I believe they are safe and I encourage more people to take them. He said, while refusing to back down. On claims that young people “do not” need this policy.

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Neil Young Wants To Quit Spotify
Neil Young Wants To Quit Spotify

The stand-up and TV man also emphasized that he should not be considered a source of scientific advice.

“I’m not a doctor,” he said. “I am not a respected source of information, not even for me.”

‘Boycott Spotify’

Spotify has removed controversial content in the past. Including several episodes of Rogan’s right-wing podcast. Which was recorded before he signed his voluntary agreement with the service in 2020.

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It also removed the music of neo-Nazi bands and white supremacist groups.

In 2018 Neil Young , the service announced a new policy on “hateful behavior,”. Which led to the music of artists accused of physical and sexual harassment. Being removed from their playlist for planning and algorithmic.

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But the company rescinded the policy three weeks later,. Saying on the blog that although anti-hate policy would remain in place. It would not “play judge and judge” on the artist’s behavior.

The company has faced increasing criticism in recent months. After owner Daniel Ek revealed that he had invested 100 million euros (85.2 million euros) in defense company Helsing.

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Several artists, including UK psychiatrist Darren Sangita and German tech producer Skee Mask have released their music on Spotify.

As for Little, he had previously removed his songs from Spotify. He stopped the service, along with Apple Music and other streaming sites, in 2015 after saying that their audio quality was not good enough.

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At the time of writing, his music – including old albums like Harvest and After The Gold Rush – is still available on Spotify.

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