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Music :How to Transfer Music From iTunes to Android

Music : It can be a bit painful to get your tracks from iTunes on an Android device, but don’t be afraid; it is possible to make a move.
So, you have been living in the iTunes world for the past few years and are worried about getting out. Apple’s music management software hides many small things like file locations and formats, so it can be a little annoying to get your tracks from iTunes to an Android device, but don’t be afraid of the possibility of action. You already know that direct synchronization doesn’t happen as long as Apple has something to say about it, so here are your options for how to transfer your music from iTunes to Android.

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Third party synchronization

If you do not want to irritate the apple cart too much, you can continue to manage things in iTunes on your computer, but still get those files on your Android device. There are apps that can make that happen, perhaps the most sophisticated and reliable one that is doubleTwist for Android. This app can connect to a desktop partner to sync your music (and other stuff) via USB like iTunes.

Download the free Android app on Google Play, and install the desktop client on your computer. The desktop application will check your iTunes library and display all the songs you have to sync – note that only DRM-free tracks will work on Android devices. Connect your phone or tablet via USB cable and wait for the doubleTwist to see it. Just use the Music tab to select your tracks, then press sync.

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Everything to date is free, but you can purchase the doubleTwist upgrade by purchasing an in-app system that allows “AirSync,” a local WiFi syncing tool. It is very similar to the USB option, but you can launch it while the phone is in your pocket. This is the closest time you will ever get to experience music like iPhone with Android.

Move to Google Play

As an Android user, you may find it important to leave the Apple ecosystem and log in to Google. The situation on Android has improved a lot in the last few years, so maybe it’s time to consider that. Also, this will only work if you have DRM-free songs in your iTunes library.
Start by running the Google Play Music Manager application (login required) on the Google Play Music site. Music Manager will allow you to sign in, but be sure to use the same account you sign in to your Android device. If Music Manager asks you where you store your music, just select iTunes and do something else.


You can save up to 20,000 tracks on Google Play Music for free. If Google can access a version of the song you have locally, it will just look like an existing copy online so you don’t have to wait for years for everything to upload. Similar to iTunes Match, but free. Any uploaded tracks will also be coded from AAC to 320Kbps MP3s.

All your songs can be streamed from the web player, or the Google Play Music app on your Android device. So you have your songs in the cloud, but how do you get them stored on the phone? In the Google Play Music app, simply find the albums or tracks you want to save, and then tap the “save on device” option in the menu. Your phone or tablet will sync files for offline play with mobile data or WiFi, depending on your settings. You can track this process from the Settings menu under the Download Line. The main effect here is that synced songs are only accessible on Google Play Music.

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Manually transfer files

If you have no problem getting your hands dirty, you can transfer files manually to your Android device. It is a lot of work to take care of the library, but it avoids any weird problems syncing and having complete control of your files. You can also use any Android music player you want with transferred files.
Using your computer file browser, navigate to the iTunes library and find your bearings. You should find several folders full of AAC files inside. As long as these do not have the old Apple DRM attached, Android can play it normally.

Connect your phone or tablet via USB and make sure your computer sees it as a directory. Many Android devices now use MTP and PTP to transfer files, which is a bit difficult. The notification shade will have a switch between these methods if one does not work on your system. Mac users will need a USB file transfer service from Google to transfer files.

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The AAC files you have on iTunes must have appropriate artist tags, song, and more. If so, you can dump the tracks in your Android internal storage and any music player will be able to edit them using tags. Keeping the file sequence clean will make it easier to manage these files manually, however.
Either way, Android is more than capable of handling all your music and more. All Access is $ 9.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to all the music that Google offers for streaming and listening offline.

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