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Muratov & Maria Ressa Win Nobel Peace Prize
Muratov & Maria Ressa Win Nobel Peace Prize
Muratov & Maria Ressa Win Nobel Peace Prize


Muratov & Maria Ressa win Nobel Peace Prize

Muratov and Maria Ressa fought in the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their fight for freedom of speech in countries where journalists face ongoing attacks, harassment and even murder.
Muratov was one of the founders of a Russian newspaper in 1993 by the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Described by the Nobel Committee as “the most independent newspaper in Russia today, with a critical attitude toward the state.”

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He is currently out on bail but facing seven active charges.

Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa , 58, said he hoped the award would strengthen the investigating journalist “who will create the capacity to respond.”

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“This relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation of me and other journalists. In the Philippines is a good example of global practice,” he told the Associated Press.

He also pointed to social media platforms such as Facebook as a major threat to democracy. Saying they “prioritize the spread of lies embodied in anger and hatred for the truth.”

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“I didn’t think our situation could get that attention. But the fact that he did it and shows you how important the wars we are facing, isn’t it? ”He said. “This will be our election next year. It is a war of facts. When you are in the war for the truth, journalism is an activist. ”


Muratov, 59, told the media that he saw the award as an award for Novaya Gazeta journalists. And participants killed, including Anna Politkovskaya, who covered the Russian bloodshed in Chechnya.

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“It’s a memory of the fallen comrades,” he said.

Muratov said he would use part of his $ 10 million. Swedish budget (more than $ 1.14 million) to help the independent media. And the Moscow hospice with children with spinal cord problems.

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Nobel Peace Prize winner

Former Soviet leader and 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Mikhail Gorbachev used some of his prize money. To help fund the Novaya Gazeta. He congratulated Muratov on Friday, calling him a “good, brave and honest journalist with my friend.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also praised Muratov as a “talented and courageous” man. Who “worked tirelessly in accordance with his goals.”

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But Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s ambassador to international organizations in Vienna, wrote on Twitter that the Novaya Gazeta’s editorial policy “has nothing to do with promoting peace” and that “such conflicting decisions lower the value of the Award.”

Muratov & Maria Ressa Win Nobel Peace Prize
Muratov & Maria Ressa Win Nobel Peace Prize

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Moscow-based political analyst Abbas Gallyamov said the award marked “a bitter strike by Russian authorities … because freedom of speech and the principles of independent journalism are bad in the eyes of Russian authorities.”

As part of a new campaign against independent journalists in Russia, the government has designated some of them as “foreign workers,” claiming that they received foreign aid and performed anonymous “political activities.” Muratov said he asked government officials who congratulated him on whether he would now receive the name, but received no answer.
The news agency RIA Novosti quoted lawmaker Alexander Bashkin as saying that the Nobel Peace Prize would not fall into the category of foreign funding under the foreign workers’ bill.

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About the hopes

Speaking about the hopes of many in Russia that the prize should go to the arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Muratov said he would have voted for him if he had been on the committee, adding that “everything is still waiting for him.”

Some critics have questioned whether honoring journalists respects the will of Swedish founder Alfred Nobel and its original intent to prevent war, but Reiss-Andersen said freedom of speech is essential for peace.

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“A free, independent and truth-based journalist works to prevent abuse of power, lies and war propaganda,” he said. “Without freedom of expression and freedom of the press, it would be difficult to effectively promote international relations, armed conflict and better world order in order to be successful in our time.”

Maria Ressa also highlighted the dangers of disconnected from the media and attacks on journalists by leaders who accused them of cleaning up “fake news.”

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“Passing on untrue stories and untrue information is also a violation of free speech, and all freedom of speech has its limits. That is also very important in this debate, ”he said.

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