Muhammad Amir will join Pakistani Squad in England

Muhammad Amir

Monday: Muhammad Amir will join Pakistani squad in England said by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Amir who initially pulled out of the England tour because of the birth of his second child (daughter) now join the Pakistani squad for England tour.

PCB Said: Muhammad Imran Pakistan Cricket Team white-ball specialist goes under COVID-19 tests and he has to submit two negative results of COVID-19 to join the Pakistani squad for England tour.

PCB also said that if the first test comes negative then Muhammad Imran will be moved to a secure environment to test their second COVID-19 test in Lahore. This second test will be conducted on Wednesday keeping in mind the departure dates for England.

Khushdil Shah Pakistan’s Cricket Team All-rounder will not be playing in the first test against England because of their thumb fracture, said by PCB on Sunday.

Khushdil Shah has been taken out of the Pakistani squad for three weeks because of the fracture on his thumb which occurred during a training session in derby on Saturday.

There are total three test series that begins from Manchester on August 05, 2020 following the last two test series will be played in Southampton.

Last month five of our Pakistani cricketers also went under the COVID-19 test.

However after this news that Muhammad Amir will join Pakistani Squad. Pakistani people are happy to see the comeback.

Muhammad Amir is a Pakistan’s Cricket Teams fast bowler who breaks many record and known by his good deliveries on the pitch.

We all Congratulate Muhammad Amir for his Baby Girl and prays for his life and happiness.

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