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Money Heist 5 Professor 'Disappeared'
Money Heist 5 Professor 'Disappeared'
Money Heist 5 Professor 'Disappeared'


Money Heist 5 Professor ‘disappeared’

Money Heist 5 : Netflix has released a special clip of Money Heist Season 5. Part 2 at its Tudum fan event.

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It shows that the next part will be a survival game for a gang. That believes the Professor is no longer there to save them from the Bank of Spain.
It is no longer a game of tears and revenge.

The season of Mali Money Heist 5 part 2

The season of Mali Money Heist 5 part 2 is expected to be a race. That will reach the finish line, Now with one motive to get out of the Spanish Bank alive!

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Netflix on Saturday released

A special clip from the second installment of La Casa De Papel or the final season of Money Heist 5. Next to their Tudum fan event.

Actor Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of Professor, opened up to the student. As he also thanked fans. For their love affair for the first half of the season.
The nearly two-minute video features the remaining team members. Trying to take a collective call about how they plan to escape the bank. And what to do with gold.
The scene has Lisbon, Palermo, Denver, Stockholm, Manila and Rio discussing. Whether they should use the 90 tons of melted gold to escape, or leave it behind to save their lives.

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Money Heist 5 Professor 'Disappeared'
Money Heist 5 Professor ‘Disappeared’

Raquel aka Lisbon is under the impression that the Professor has “disappeared” probably. After the general manager failed to respond to his walkie-talkie call. He raises concerns about gold, which has led to controversy in Money Heist 5.

Process of extracting gold

While Palermo is standing in the process of extracting gold Denver mocks him for his plan to use. It as a “captive” to negotiate with Colonel Tamayo. Rio, frustrated after Tokyo’s death. Raises doubts that police may be present at the storm water tank where they plan to escape. Also, Manila believes it will end like a “stupid robbery” if the police catch him.

Stockholm, on the other hand, calls Palermo tireless for survival. However, Palermo says he is convinced that the storm water tank has not been removed until now.
Point out the comments in a particular passage. On how Lisbon carefully listens to every argument while thinking hard about the best option and speculating on the Professor’s situation.

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In the middle

In the middle, we also get a view of Benjamin who hears the whole conversation by ear. Looks like you’re on the other side of the escape route. That the gang needs to take in Money Heist 5.
As we know, the team has always agreed to disagree. And this incident is Déjà vu of what happened in the first and third seasons, when the robbers pointed guns at each other, first when Berlin found out that Denver did not follow his orders to shoot Monica (now Stockholm), and later when they took up arms when Palermo trying to instruct him on his terms.
Whether the party will be able to reach an agreement or not remains to be seen. At least we know that the absence of Nairobi. Which has been very active as a pacifier whenever its partners go bad. Will have a huge impact on their relationship at this time.

Money Heist 5 second installment will release on December 3. It will also lower the curtains on the Spanish crime game. Which has become one of the biggest shows in the media and world success a few years ago.

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