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Micheal Fawcett
Micheal Fawcett
Micheal Fawcett


Michael Fawcett was elected head of the foundation

Michael Fawcett : Prince Charles’ charity boss has resigned permanentlyMichael Fawcett was elected head of the foundation. In 2018 following a reorganization of Charles’ charities. The head of the charity Prince Charles has resigned permanently. Appearing on Friday, a few weeks after resigning temporarily during an internal investigation into the financial allegations. -shame of honor.

Michael Fawcett , the organisation’s chief executive. Sad initially agreed to suspend his work following a newspaper report. About his contact with a businessman who had donated large sums of money to restore Charles’ interest projects.

Fawcett, a former protector of the Prince of Wales. Who has been close to the heir to Queen Elizabeth II for decades.

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The Charles Foundation, which helps unemployed people return to work and start small businesses. Said in September it was taking a lot of newspaper reports. And on Friday confirmed the permanent departure of its head.

” Michael Fawcett has resigned as CEO of The Prince’s Foundation,” a spokesman said in a short, one-line statement.

“I can rule without anyone but Michael,” the prince once remarked.

Percy Harrison Fawcett DSO (August 18, 1867 – during or after 1925) was a British diplomat. Military officer, cartographer, archaeologist, and South American explorer. Michael Fawcett disappeared in 1925 (along with his eldest son, Jack, and one of Jack’s friends, Raleigh Rimell). During a voyage of discovery of the “Z” —the name of a lost ancient city. That he and others believed to exist in the forests of Brazil.

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Micheal Fawcett
Micheal Fawcett

Early life

Percy Fawcett was born August 18, 1867 in Torquay, Devon, England. To Edward Boyd Fawcett and Myra Elizabeth (née MacDougall). Michael Fawcett received his first education at Newton Abbot Proprietary College, and actor and journalist Bertram Fletcher Robinson. Fawcett’s father, a native of India. Because it was a Yellow of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). And his older brother, Edward Douglas Fawcett (1866-1960), was a mountaineer. An Eastern magician, and a philosopher. books and novels of famous travel.

Fawcett studied at the Royal Military Academy, in Woolwich as a cadet. That same year, Fawcett met his future wife, Nina Agnes Paterson. Whom he married in 1901 and had two sons. , Jack (1903-?.

Michael Fawcett joined RGS in 1901, to study exploration and mapping. Later, he worked for the British Secret Service in North Africa while pursuing a career in the art of exploring. He served at Spike Island Military Office in County Cork from 1903 to 1906. Where he was promoted to chief on January 11, 1905. He became friends with writers Sir Henry Rider Haggard and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the latter used Fawcett’s field ministry reports in the Amazonian inspiration for his novel The Lost World.

Early trip

Fawcett’s first trip to South America was in 1906. (he was given a job there on May 2 at the age of 39. To travel to Brazil to map the jungle border on the Brazilian-Bolivian border at the behest. Of the Royal Geographical Society. The Society was commissioned to designate the area as a third party in favor of local interests. She arrived in La Paz, Bolivia, in June. During a voyage in 1907. Michael Fawcett reported seeing and shooting a 19-foot-long [19 m] anaconda, a claim that was often mocked by scientists. He reported other mysterious animals unknown to animal science, such as the foxound’s cat.

Seven trips

Fawcett made seven trips between 1906 and 1924. He was very friendly with the locals with gifts, patience, and good manners. In 1908, he tracked the source of Rio Verde (Brazil) and in 1910 took a trip to Heath River. (on the border between Peru and Bolivia) to find its source. Retiring from the British army on 19 January. In 1911, Fawcett again left his home with his family. And returned to the Amazon and planned hundreds of miles of untested forest. Accompanied by his trusted and long-time exploring friend, Henry Costin, and biologist and explorer James Murray. He also envisioned the ruins of an ancient city, called “Z,” hidden in the woods.

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After a 1913 voyage, he reportedly saw two dogs with two noses. These are probably Andean tiger dogs with two noses.

Based on documentary research, by 1914 Michael Fawcett still had ideas. For a “lost city” which he named “Z” (Zed) somewhere in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil. He envisioned a complex civilization in the Amazon region and that it may be possible to find isolated ruins. Fawcett also obtained a document known as Manuscript 512. A manuscript adapted from the archives of the Bahia district, and stored at the National Library of Rio de Janeiro because It is believed that the Portuguese bandeirante João da Silva Guimarães [pt], who wrote that in 1753 discovered the ruins of an ancient arid city.

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