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Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra Didnt Make Film Poster
Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra Didnt Make Film Poster
Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra Didnt Make Film Poster


Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra didnt make film poster

Matrix Resurrections : Priyanka Chopra’s absence from the poster of her film leaves fans disappointed
Actress Priyanka Chopra has not been seen in the new Matrix Resurrections poster which has left fans uncomfortable.

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Priyanka took her Instagram handle and pulled out a poster from her film. With the caption, “Back to the Matrix with this new look at The Matrix Resurrections. Get ready to watch it at the theater and HBO Max this Christmas. #TheMatrix @thematrixmovie. ”
Fans entered his comment section expressing their disappointment at his absence.

One fan asked, “Where is the poster?”

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For the illiterate, the star appeared in the first trailer of his film.

Priyanka has not yet made any reservation in this regard.

Matrix Resurrections is an upcoming American science fiction film produced, co-written, and directed by Lana Wachowski. It is a sequel to The Matrix Revolutions (2003), and serves as the fourth installment in the entire Matrix Resurrections film series.

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After the release of the Revolutions, Wachowski denied that there could be another Matrix film, aiming for the third film to be the end of the trilogy, although rumors surfaced about the fourth Matrix Resurrections film and the studio expressed interest in reviving the franchise and hiring Zak. Penn to write a new screen.

Matrix was finally announced

Towards the end of 2019, the fourth film of the Matrix Resurrections was finally announced, with Lana Wachowski returning as director without her sister and Reeves and Moss re-enacting their role. Wachowski missed the opportunity to close the project and leave the film unfinished. But the actors pressured him to finish it. Recording resumed in August 2020, completed three months later.

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Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra Didnt Make Film Poster
Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra Didnt Make Film Poster

Matrix Resurrections will have its first world show on December 18, 2021. Will also broadcast digitally in the non-commercial edition of HBO Max in the United States. For a month beginning that day.


Twenty years after the events of the Matrix Revolutions, Neo lives a seemingly normal life like Thomas A. Anderson in San Francisco when his therapist gives him green pills. Neither he nor the Trinity see each other. However, Morpheus gives him a red pill and reopens his mind in the world of the Matrix.


While making the Matrix films. The Wachowski told their closest participants that, at the time, they had no intention of making another film in the series after The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Instead, they gave their blessing to the players’ idea of ​​”inheriting the story”, and the Matrix Resurrections Online video game was billed as an official continuation. Rumors that the new installment began circulating online in 2012. When the Wachowski reportedly planned two additional films in the series. And had discussions with Keanu Reeves about re-playing his role as Neo. Some rumors in 2014 said that the sisters had submitted a new Matrix trilogy story treatment to Warner Bros.

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Jupiter Ascending

In February 2015, in an interview promoting Jupiter Ascending (2015), Lilly Wachowski called the return of The Matrix Resurrections a “particularly repulsive view in these times” when studios prefer green light sequencing, relaunch, and real-life adaptation, while Lana Wachowski, Speaking of rumors about a possible re-start, he said they had not heard anything but believed the studio might be looking to close their space. On several occasions, Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving.

Warner Bros

In March 2017, Hollywood Reporter reported that Warner Bros. he was in the early stages of developing a franchise re-launch . With Zak Penn in medical writing negotiations, and an interest in getting Michael B. Jordan attached to the star.

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Including, reportedly, a previous film about young Morpheus or a succession film from his descendants. In March 2018, Penn said he was working to revive the franchise. And joked that there could be an expanded universe. Penn clarified in October 2019 that he was working on one of the two Matrix projects at Warner Bros. And that his work was separate from the planned film.

It spreads

Jada Pinkett Smith entered the negotiations to re-play her role as Niobe, and Jessica Henwick entered the negotiations to participate in an undisclosed role, later revealed as Bugs.

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In January 2020, Eréndira Ibarra was ousted, and Priyanka Chopra stepped down

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