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‘Kurulus: Osman: fans disappointed after a recent episode

‘Kurulus: Osman’ is back in season 3
Fans of ‘Kurulus: Osman’ are disappointed after the showing of the latest episode of the Turkish series on Wednesday.

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A large number of Pakistani and Indian fans were expecting the episode. To see Cengiz Coşkun play his role as Turgut Bey in the second half of the third season.

But Turgut Bey shown in the episode turned out to be another character. And not the one who won the hearts of millions of people with his play on “Dirilis: Ertugrul”.
‘Kurulus: Osman’ is a sequel to “Dirilis: Ertugrul” which tells the story of Osman’s father, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

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The series follows Diriliş: Ertuğrul who was close to Osman’s father, Ertuğrul, and how he dealt with enemies and traitors. It started in December 2014 and season 5 of the show ended. With Ertuğrul convincing Berke to start a fight with Hulagu. The war became known as the Berke-Hulagu War and led to the division of the Mongol Empire into four cannibals. In ‘Kurulus: Osman, Osman faces one of the khanates called Ilkhanate.

Season 1
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10 or 15 years after the battle of Berke-Hulagu, Ertuğrul Gazi goes to Konya and leaves his brother, Dündar Bey, in charge of his tribe. Dündar Bey is prone to do evil to others. Falling into the trap of Selçuk Sançak Bey, Alişar, and the merciless Kulucahisar princess Sofia, who seeks to kill all Turks. ‘Kurulus Osman, Dündar’s nephew, could see Alişar and Sofia’s plans and warned him about them, even though he refused to listen. As they continue to create more tensions against Kayı, Geyhatu sends Komutan Balgay to cause a major problem and stop Kayı, especially Osman, from rebelling against the Mongols. Dündar, who bowed to the Mongols as Sançak Bey, does not see Alişar’s anger at his position and believes him when Alişar accuses Osman of killing his son.

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Season 2
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Meanwhile, Yavlak Arslan, the new Uç Bey, wants to rebuild his country and sees ‘Kurulus Osman as an obstacle, and later they meet to protest the new threat posed by the new Ilkhanate Ilkhanate, which is working with Nikola against the Anatolian Turks. Bala faces the arrival of Targun, Nikola’s spy who contacts ‘Kurulus Osman to save his father, Alal Bey.

After Targun’s death, Osman reunited with Malhun Hatun and embarked on a major battle with the Byzantines, formerly known as the Battle of Mount Armenia, as well as trying to find a traitor in Kayı, as his jealous uncle Dündar helped the Byzantines set traps for him.Nikola was later defeated by ‘Kurulus Osman, with the support of Seljuk Sultan Mesud II, although still alive. Osman marries Malhun Hatun, who fathered Osman’s son Orhan, while his first wife Bala Hatun became pregnant.

Season 3
Main article: Kuruluş: Osman (season 3)

Malhun Hatun knows about Bala Hatun’s pregnancy and as a result is jealous of her.

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