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Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Photos
Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Photos
Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Photos


Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal wedding photos

Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal wedding photos: The actress entertains fans with a fun post about her wedding to Vicky Kaushal
Katrina shared the first photos of her wedding with Vicky Kaushal.
kaif who married Vicky Kaushal at Six Senses Fort Barware. In Rajasthan on Thursday, shared a series of photos after the wedding.
Katrina shared some great photos from the wedding on her Instagram with a wonderful message. He wrote: “Only love and gratitude in our hearts for all that has brought us to this moment. We wish you all your love and blessings as we embark on this new journey together.”
The actress delighted fans by sharing the first photos of her wedding with Vicky Kaushal.

Katrina Kaif looked gorgeous in a traditional wedding dress as she wore a red Lehnga, while Vicky Kaushal rocked a white sherwani for the wedding. Her wedding dress told the myths of oriental heritage, incorporating tradition by touching a new fashion. The actress has given her fullness to her look with heavy traditional jewelry that serves her as a beauty salon.

How Katrina Kaif honored Vicky Kaushal with an amazing wedding dress

Katrina pays homage to Vicky Kaushal’s Punjabi roots
Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s dream wedding has become a hot topic as fans. On social media have been checking out all the details of their big day, including their wardrobe.

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The couple married at a traditional Indian wedding and took their seven pearls on Thursday afternoon.

Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Photos
Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Photos

On their big day they chose the famous Indian designer Sabyasachi.

“Bride Katrina Kaif wears a red Sabyasachi red lehenga with matka handmade silk. And fine tilla work and velvet embroidered borders of zardozi with velvet. with a handful of silver and gold, ”wrote Sabyasachi.

The social media platform is full of Katrina Kaif love timeline, Vicky Kaushal
Fans have made rewind videos showing Katrina Kaif’s love timeline, Vicky Kaushal
Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal around the world have accessed social media. With video and photos that take you back to the couple’s original interaction.

One of the videos features the original VicKat reunion where they live together to re-emerge in their lives.

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There was also a funny joke when Katrina expressed her surprise at the whole set. And admitted that maybe “the next time someone asks me to be careful” it might be “a little difficult”. But it could be “a good place to get to know someone.”
There, Karan referred to Katrina’s earlier comments and said, “Katrina Kaif said you can look good together”

Vicky, who had quickly opened her eyes. Fell into the lap of her teammates after losing her temper and stole the hearts of the fans.

Salman Khan reveals her location as Katrina ties the knot with Vicky Kaushal.

Salman Khan travels to Saudi Arabia. As Katrina marries Vicky Kaushal
Salman Khan posted his video when photos and wedding photos of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal appeared online.

The captions accompanying Khan’s video asked fans “Are you ready for Riyadh tomorrow?
Although most of the actor’s fans knew he would not attend his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Some thought of posting a video Khan confirmed he was out of the country.

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