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Kabul tumbles to Taliban after Ashraf Ghani escaped

Kabul:Afghan President Ashraf Ghani escaped the nation as the Taliban Sunday assumed control over the capital Kabul without discharging a solitary shot.

A video cut appropriated by the Taliban showed individuals cheering and yelling Allah-o-Akbar, God is most prominent, as a guard of get trucks entered the capital city with warriors displaying assault rifles and the white Taliban banner.

As indicated by senior Taliban administrators, their first equipped gathering headed by Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir, entered the capital city and inside a couple of hours, they held onto control of Arg — the Presidential Palace.

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Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir is delegate to Taliban’s president, Mullah Yaqoob. Before the Taliban could thump at the entryways of Arg, President Dr Ashraf Ghani had effectively left the Presidential Palace and withdrew for abroad, and supposedly arrived in Tajikistan. He was joined by his nearby assistants.

As per Taliban, they didn’t confront any obstruction from the Afghan security powers as they had abandoned their positions and the capital city introduced an abandoned look when they entered it in the early evening.

Subsequent to assuming control over some of every single eastern region, including Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan, and the Wardag and Maidan Shahr, the Taliban began their excursion towards the capital city.

By Sunday morning, the Taliban had arrived at the doors of Kabul and blockaded the city from various headings.

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They were going to storm Kabul when their top initiative moved toward them and prevented them from entering the capital city.

As indicated by sources,

the Taliban administration was continually in touch with senior political and military authorities of the Afghan government and needed them to calmly move them power.

“The Taliban initiative didn’t need any gore anyplace and especially in Kabul. They halted our equipped military administrator not to enter the city and those all around present there were approached to leave Kabul forthwith,” said a senior Taliban commandant in Afghanistan.

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He said the outfitted Taliban warriors then, at that point left the city however in the evening, they got reports of plundering in better places in the city as the Afghan security foundation and police had escaped and emptied all the police headquarters.

“The top administration then, at that point guided our outfitted men to enter Kabul and guarantee the security of the lives and properties of individuals. They were approached to deal with individuals and their organizations,” said a Taliban commandant near their preeminent chief, Sheik Hibatullah Akhunzada.

The Afghan Taliban then, at that point gave an assertion to legitimize their entrance into the capital city and said warriors were requested to enter Kabul city as they accept police and the city organization have abandoned every one of their positions and obligations.

The assertion said there were fears that a few scoundrels would attempt to exploit the present circumstance and might depend on plundering in the city. It said to abstain from plundering and bedlam, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan requested its warriors who have been anticipating orders on the doors of Kabul since early afternoon, to enter the city and give assurance to all open and government properties.

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The assertion said the Kabul occupants ought not fear the presence of the Taliban warriors and our powers will enter Kabul calmly without disturbing anybody.

“The public authority and

security authorities ought to keep quiet and nobody will contact them. No warrior has consent to go into anybody’s home or to inconvenience any individual, or cause torment or trouble to any individual,” added the articulation.

As per Taliban, their kin went to the Presidential Palace later in the evening and needed to take its control.

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“Mullah Zakir made declarations from an amplifier and asked the safety crew of the castle and offered them general pardon and encouraged them to descend from their pinnacles and calmly give up.


“All the security work force of Arg didn’t show any obstruction and gave up and drove Mullah Zakir and his men to enter the extensive Presidential Palace and take its control,” clarified a Taliban commandant in Kabul.

He said they caught Kabul without shooting a solitary shot. He said a few places near the air terminal were in charge of the US powers.

During the day, there were undeniable level gatherings in the official royal residence with President Ashraf Ghani in the seat to calmly move the capacity to one or the other Taliban or an outsider.

“Previous president Hamid Karzai and other Afghan political pioneers were there and talked about two alternatives.

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“The principal alternative was to move capacity to Taliban pioneers in Doha and the subsequent proposition was to give up the public authority to a momentary organization which would then exchange it to the Taliban. We disagreed with them on the subsequent choice however we were willing assuming they needed to travel to Doha and move the capacity to our delegates there,” a Taliban officer said.

As indicated by the Taliban, it didn’t work and President Ashraf Ghani left the country.

In the mean time, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in an articulation saluted the Mujahideen over the extraordinary achievement in their mission, which appeared to be unreasonable before.

He said it was a tremendous accomplishment and they were grateful to Almighty Allah for this.

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He said now there was really difficult for the Taliban to come up to the assumptions for their kin and to guarantee them that they ought not stress, as harmony will be guaranteed and endeavors will be made to furnish them with all offices and rights.

While Afghan pioneer Abdul Ghani Baradar is additionally liable to get the administration, sources guaranteed. Be that as it may, Mullah Baradar is hesitant to assume any liability in the meantime set-up, sources related with Taliban political office educated.

Ali Ahmad Jalali was Afghanistan’s Kabul inside serve from 2003 to 2005, and furthermore filled in as diplomat to Germany from 2017 to 2018.

“God should consider him responsible.”

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Addressing the BBC from Kabul, Rangina Hamidi said she didn’t expect such a reaction from a “trusted president she “trusted completely”.

In Kabul, Taliban said they assumed responsibility for guard and some other significant divisions.

Additionally, Taliban said their senior political and military pioneers would likewise accumulate in Kabul on Monday (today), with the goal that they could choose their tentative arrangement.

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