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Italy Wants To Expel The Parents Of Missing Pakistani Teenagers
Italy Wants To Expel The Parents Of Missing Pakistani Teenagers
Italy Wants To Expel The Parents Of Missing Pakistani Teenagers


Italy wants to expel the parents of missing Pakistani teenagers

Italy : The announcement comes after the arrest of a missing girl’s uncle in Paris on suspicion of involvement in the killings
ROME: Italy has called on Pakistan to extradite the parents of a missing young girl, who was allegedly killed by her family for refusing a formal marriage.

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The announcement was made on Thursday after the arrest of Saman Abbas’s 18-year-old uncle in Paris, accused of murder, along with his parents and two cousins.
The case has sparked outrage in Italy and has become a hot topic since police began investigating the teenager’s disappearance in May. His body has not been found.

“The Minister of Justice Martha Cartabia … has signed and sent to Pakistan two requests for the return of Saman Abbas’ parents, who are being investigated for the murder of their daughter,” the Department of Justice said on Thursday.

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Prosecutors on Wednesday announced their arrest in a European letter from the young man’s uncle on the outskirts of Paris.

Saman Abbas, who lived in the northern Italian city of Novellara, last year rejected his family’s plan to marry a cousin in their home country of Pakistan.

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As a child, she turned to social workers and in November was taken to a shelter. He reported the matter to his parents, but on April 11 he returned.

Police began searching for him on May 5, when police visited his home and found no one.

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Italy Wants To Expel The Parents Of Missing Pakistani Teenagers
Italy Wants To Expel The Parents Of Missing Pakistani Teenagers

Police then found out that the girl’s parents had gone to Pakistan without her, and found photographs of a nearby security camera that made them very scared.

Toward the end of April 29, five people were seen leaving the house with shovels, a crowbar and a bucket, and returning about two and a half hours later.

Another cousin accused in the case is currently in prison in Italy.
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