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IPhone 14
IPhone 14
IPhone 14


iPhone 14 killer is reportedly at risk

iPhone 14 may not have chips for the next generation
Each iPhone generation tends to bring major clashes to computer performance. But that may not be the case with the iPhone 14.

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In a recent report on The Information (behind the paywall), journalist Wayne Ma suggests that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has production challenges for making 3 new nanometers. The report states that the next iPhone could remain in the 5nm production process. That was in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. It will also mark the first time Apple has adhered. To the same production process for three years in a row.

computer chip

The power and efficiency of a computer chip depends on how many transistors are congested to die. The 3nm chip, which is made means that most transistors can be compared to 5nm, as they are smaller. It also means that the chip can absorb less energy and work more efficiently. The jump from five to three is huge, so it’s no surprise that TSMC has problems – this is state-of-the-art technology. However, it is likely that TSMC will be the first to come out of the gate. With a 3-nanometer chip, beating Intel and Qualcomm in a punch.

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iphone 14

This could mean that next year’s iPhone will not see the decline in performance that fans might expect. It could be an opportunity for Apple to release the iPhone 13S, and mark the 2022 phone as a further development, which has given TSMC more time to get the possible production of the 2023 iPhone 14. This, of course, is all speculation.
The challenges of next-generation technology generation. Are coming to the fore in the supply chain challenges caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. Not only has it been difficult to rediscover the PS5, the demand for products for people trapped at home is high. A new report actually suggests that the demand for the iPhone 13 is so high that Apple is reducing the production of the iPad.

Rumors of the iPhone have already begun, and the next Apple phone will have some pretty good changes.

While the new iPhone 13 models offer repeatable improvements, the iPhone 14 could bring some major improvements over the years. So far rumors are nearing the end of the notch, a Touch ID that can be displayed under the display, a new powerful 4nm processor and a design that may have a hole in one of the models.

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IPhone 14
IPhone 14

The big rumor is that the iPhone mini may be moving in favor of a new size. Yes, we can see the 6.7-inch iPhone Max and the 6.1-inch iPhone .

Here’s what we’ve heard so far about the iPhone and what we’d like to see on Apple’s 2022 smartphone.

Recent Rumors for iPhone 14 (Updated Nov. 2)

The report suggests that Apple’s chip supplier has trouble making 3-nanometer chips, which would require Apple to use 5nm chips on the iPhone.
This Radical iPhone concept features a second slider display, which looks like a dream item.
A new leak from a Weibo user with a good track record states that the iPhone 14 will not have a touch ID displayed and note note.
We are not given anything on the day of the release of the iPhone . But in terms of past Apple iPhone launch events, we can expect to see the iPhone launch in September 2022.

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In terms of price, it is also difficult to predict. But we suspect the iPhone 14 will match the price of the iPhone 13, starting at $ 799 with the standard iPhone 13 and $ 999 for the iPhone 13 Pro. However, there would be no iPhone mini at all, so we can expect the great 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max to cost $ 899.

From there, the iPhone 14 Pro can cost $ 999 and the iPhone Pro Max $ 1,099 or more.

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No iPhone 14 mini?

Although it is reported that the iPhone 12 mini is badly sold, Apple has unveiled the iPhone 13 mini. But the mini may be a toast after that, as the company will be rocking the iPhone 14 2022 edition. It could be an iPhone Plus or a big Max compatible with the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 14. standard size phones and two large screen models of iPhone 14.

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