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IMEI : How to check IMEI on your Android cell phone


IMEI : what’s it utilized for, and why you ought to never impart it to outsiders.In case you’re thinking about what it is, you’ve gone to the ideal spot. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a novel number for distinguishing a gadget on a versatile organization. You can consider it your telephone’s federal retirement aide number. It has 15 digits and is appointed to each GSM telephone — CDMA gadgets have a MEID number.

The number proves to be useful when your handset gets lost or taken. No, it will not mysteriously take the telephone back to you, yet you can ensure whoever found or took it will not have the option to utilize it. Your transporter can deny list a gadget dependent on its IMEI number and can contact different transporters to do likewise. This implies the telephone will not make/get calls any longer or associate online through the phone organization, even with another SIM card.

An IMEI number additionally proves to be useful when purchasing a pre-owned telephone. With the assistance of a help like CheckMend, you can check whether the telephone you’re keen on has been accounted for lost, is denylisted, was dependent upon a protection guarantee, and then some. The assistance isn’t free, yet it is reasonable, hindering you simply a dollar.

The number additionally uncovers heaps of different insights regarding a telephone. These incorporate the brand and model, year of delivery, and particulars. You can give this a shot by visiting and composing in your telephone’s IMEI number — it’s free.

Step by step instructions to check IMEI on your Android telephone

Since you know what IMEI is we should investigate how to discover it. The most straightforward approach to check it on an Android telephone is to dial *#06#, after which the number ought to show up on your screen. In the event that you have a double SIM telephone, you’ll see two IMEI numbers — one for each SIM space. You can likewise actually look at in your gadget’s settings by making a beeline for About gadget > Status > IMEI data, albeit the way might contrast contingent upon your handset.


A few telephones have the IMEI number imprinted on the back, while you may likewise think that it is printed under the removable battery cover on the off chance that you have a more seasoned gadget. The IMEI number is likewise composed on the SIM card plate on a couple of telephones.

The last choice is to actually take a look at the telephone’s bundling on the off chance that you actually have it. The number ought to be imprinted on a sticker found some place in the retail box.

Whichever strategy you use, try to record the number and guard it. That way, you’ll have the option to offer it to your transporter in the event that your telephone gets lost or taken. Likewise, ensure you don’t share the IMEI number with others. Obscure characters regularly apply a legitimate IMEI number to a taken gadget to try not to get it denylisted, which is illicit in numerous worldwide areas.

Thus, presently you know what it is, the way to discover the number, and why you should know it in any case. What’s your telephone’s IMEI number? Offer it with us in the remarks beneath! That is a joke — truly, don’t do it!

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