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Huawei board members resign over silence on Ukraine
Huawei board members resign over silence on Ukraine
Huawei board members resign over silence on Ukraine

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Huawei board individuals leave over quietness on Ukraine

Two non-executive directors of Huawei UK have resigned due to the company’s position regarding the Ukrainian conflict.

The BBC understands that Sir Andrew Cahn and Sir Ken Olisa. Feel that the company’s failure to criticize because the Russian invasion has made their positions fail.

Huawei UK thanked both men for their “valuable guidance”.

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Asked by BBC News whether Huawei would continue to do business with Russia, the company said: “We are not commenting.”

Strong support

The BBC understands that both directors felt that Huawei should have immediately condemned Ukraine’s invasion of Russia by Russia.

It is believed that both felt that. Although this was a difficult situation for the company. The company’s position was not in line with what they expected as directors of the UK board.

Huawei chief executive officer said: “Mr. Andrew Cahn and Sir Ken Olisa have provided extensive business. And technical information to the board of directors of Huawei UK during their appointments, in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

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Huawei board members resign over silence on Ukraine
Huawei board members resign over silence on Ukraine

“Both have shown strong support for Huawei’s commitment to the UK and have helped raise the level of corporate governance.”

‘Destructive’ act

News of the cancellation comes as the US warns Chinese companies not to violate restrictions on technology exports to Russia.

China did not agree with the UN resolution condemning Russia’s invasion. But also recently expressed concern over the military’s actions. Saying it was “deeply concerned” about the damage to civilians.

Trade Secretary Gina Raimondo told the New York Times that Washington could impose “shocking” Chinese companies. That violated Russian sanctions BECAUSE Banning the use of US equipment and software needed to make their products.

Russia “will definitely be consulting with other countries to end sanctions and control exports,” Ms. Raimondo told the newspaper.

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The threats coincide with steps taken at Huawei in 2020. When Donald Trump executives added. The company to its “business list”, which barred it from acquiring technology from American companies without government approval.

The U.S. government said at the time it believed. Huawei was a threat to national security because the company strongly denied.

But the restrictions hit hard on the company’s revenue and denied access to essential technologies.

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