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HDR : Testing Auto HDR within Windows 11

HDR :For years, high-dynamic-range (HDR) light-enhancing technology has been difficult for Windows. Has Microsoft prepared for the trip with its Auto HDR service?
HDR has been a staple enhancer for console players for years now. At least for those with HDR-enabled TVs or monitors. But for Windows PCs, light technology- and magnification technology. Is plagued by incorrect implementation. Effects — so when it really works. And conflicts in earlier versions of Windows that can sometimes lead to worse image quality, rather than improvement.

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Now, however, Microsoft has intensified its efforts to address. Its usage issues for PCs, adding new features. Such as Auto HDR functionality from its Xbox line to both Windows 10 and Windows 11. HDR on Windows for years, or does it just add to the pile of problems? Let’s go into the test to find out.

Windows 10 and HDR: Conflicting History

Until a few months ago, the implementation of the high-resolution color range. Commonly referred to as “HDR” or presented as its Display. HDR 400, HDR 600, and so on to the current standard. 2000-was as scattered as it could be found on Windows PCs. support for Windows came into effect on Windows 10, and although it was always enabled at the operating system level by switching under Settings> Display Settings, this was by no means a guarantee of OS-wide compatibility or stability.

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Some applications have supported it

Problems? Some applications have supported it, others have not. Windows, as a whole, can end up looking very bad when you open it. (HDR should improve color vibration almost all the time, not washing it over a non-HDR image.) And whether you were broadcasting on Netflix or playing a game, it was a coin that would work well. makes it possible for enabled TVs connected to a compatible smart TV device or Blu-ray player — that is, or it can work without much charge.

Whether it’s Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or almost anything else in between, many popular streaming boxes (many of which are under $ 99) have supported HDR streaming from major platforms for years. HDR seamlessly integrated into the set-top / living room ecosystem for a long time.

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PC Labs

Windows, however, is different. Even here at PC Labs, we have encountered our challenges of testing high HDR brightness in non-HDMI monitors with our Murideo Six-G HDR-ready signal generator, since it is the only Windows compatible operating system we have. ‘I found that it pushes a high quality signal for the official VesaHDR testing software available in the Windows Store.
However, this does not mean that Microsoft cannot do properly. Selected from the Xbox family of game consoles, especially the Xbox Series X, supports a Microsoft feature called Auto . Auto , it quotes, “will take DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 SDR-only games and intelligently increase the color / light distance to ,” according to a Microsoft company blog.


machine learning

In many words, Auto uses machine learning to test the color palette of any game you play that does not have native HDR support, and then enhances those colors using an internal API level filter. It mimics the same effect you can get on native HDR applications within game image settings.
Apps and games that already have native use, functionality or Windows 10 or Windows 11 will not be affected by Auto HDR. (As you can see above, Windows has a separate slide that controls as a whole.) Depending on game compatibility, if you play a compatible theme with DirectX 11 or DirectX 12/12 +, Auto will be able to, according to Microsoft, work without any problems. Moving on to check that out, right?

Auto HDR is on Windows 11: Compatibility with the app

If there was one major problem plaguing Windows 10 implementation since its inception, it was a number of games and applications that it would not – or in most cases, not support. For example, Netflix and Hulu apps support on Windows when you use native Windows apps to stream your content or visit a website in the Microsoft Edge browser. The HBO Max will not, however. And not the Prime Video.

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These idiosyncrasies sound true at the top and bottom of PC applications, some of which broadcast very well as long as you do so with the Xbox Series X and not Windows PC.
Then there is the process of getting to look as intended by the game developers. If the game does not support native , you will need to enable it in Windows before you can open the game; sometimes, doing so can break the visual engine. In that case, you can trick Windows by undoing the process; start the game first, then use the Windows Game Bar to enable afterwards. This can create a kind of “faux HDR” effect, in which the monitor pushes the output level of all content on the screen to its guaranteed brightness. But no real information was transmitted from game to Windows, and then out of your monitor via HDCP 2.2 compatible cable.

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