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HALLOWEEN BATTLE ROYALE: A few weeks before the ancient ghost hunt for Samhain – yes, Halloween – we want to add a little surprise to your candy pockets. First… Remember the Fantasy Battle Royale? Fantasy Battle Royale was first released as the “prank” test mode for April Fools’ Day, but the popularity of this mode was so explosive that the service was extended for another week.

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So this Halloween, we decided to revive last year’s Fantasy Battle Royale from its famous ruins and polish it into a spookier version with the name: PUBG LABS is back with Halloween Battle Royale!

Are you ready to charge in the cold war zones?

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Players will be asked to change into their favorite class, board a Ghost Ship (yup, not a plane!), Jump down into the darkness of Erangel, and strive to be the last stop. It’s so easy, huh? It’s the same old war but you’re all just in a good mood. Now let’s take a look at the rules and basic features of Halloween Battle Royale.

Players can enter Halloween Battle Royale mode by pressing the LABS banner in the main reception area.
When the simulation is complete, a window will appear where players can choose to be Executioner, Ranger, Pyromancer, or Cleric.
Players will have time to choose their category in the reception area before the game; and they can restore the class window by pressing F8 for PC or X for Console.
The first circle will be shown on the map once the players have clicked on the Ghost Ship.
At the same time, players will be armed with a weapon, a ring, and a necklace for their class.
Players will have to plunder the ingredients to upgrade their weapons.
Fight enemies with your class skills, show good cooperation with your team, and win the Halloween Battle Royale.

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Now is the time to introduce four different classes: Executioner, Ranger, Pyromancer, or Cleric. Since there are no limits to the value of a particular category in a single team, team players have to find common ground and put their heads together to figure out which combination they can come up with.

Remember, though, that each class needs its own special ingredients to grow strong! Therefore, it will work well to share the spoils between different classes, but obviously it is not the best thing to share the loot you would need if your team is made up of four Killers.

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Another important note: once players have upgraded their Level 1 weapons to Level 2, they can choose between two types of weapons. Each weapon has different abilities so make sure you make art and use it wisely! But do not be afraid; players can switch between the two weapons at all stages of development.

The Assassin is your old melee hero who can chase down or drag down enemies and fight fiercely.

Default weapon: Speed ​​Ax

The killers can pass on to the enemy.
Another Weapon (Named from level 2): ​​Halberd’s Self-Control
The assassins can draw enemies somewhere.
The assassins also produce special stages that are staged throughout the game.

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Stun Ball: Stuns enemies for 2 seconds.

Liquid Liver: Improves travel speed and increases HP over time.
“Stay alert. I might pick you up in the trees, on the thick grass, or behind you. ”

A bodyguard could be a remote-controlled explosive or a deadly assassin who enters with a sneak peek.

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Automatic weapon: Fatal Crossbow
A powerful long-distance weapon.
Another Weapon (Named from Level 2): ​​Blade of Invisibility
A brief melee weapon that allows Rangers to turn invisible for a while.
Attacking enemies in the back or during an invisible situation will do a lot of damage.
The Rangers also produce special staged items throughout the game.

Trap Traps: Dangers can set traps and enemy roots for 5 seconds.
Stun Grenade: The same old stun grenade.
“Aah … the smell of burning meat.”

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Pyromancer focuses on attacking multiple enemies simultaneously with deadly fire.

Automatic Weapon: Disaster Gloves
Allows Pyromancers to attack with Fireballs.
Deals for major damage but difficult to use.
Another Weapon HALLOWEEN BATTLE ROYALE (Named from Level 2): ​​Hellfire
It can shoot endlessly.
May be extremely hot and unusable for some time if used continuously.
Pyromancers also make spells throughout the game.

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Firewall: Build large logs to block the enemy’s path.
Meteor Shower: Creates powerful meteors. This can only be activated when the Pyromancer necklace is at level 3 or higher.
I am not a good doctor; WE EXPLAIN LIFE! ”

Cleric is an aggressive therapist who can lock himself in a melee fight.

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Default weapon: Mace of Suffering and Aegis of Light
Mace of Suffering is a melee weapon HALLOWEEN BATTLE ROYALE that causes enemies to bleed for some time.
Apply Mace of Suffering to team partners will restore their HP.
Aegis of Light prevents crossbow attacks.
Another Weapon (Named from level 2): ​​Triage Shotgun
The shooting team players will regain their HP.
Shooting enemies will cripple them and cause minimal damage.
Clergymen also produce special items that are made in stages throughout the game.

Vitality Bomb: Returns HP.

First Aid Kit: A medical item that can be shared with team partners.
Halloween Battle Royale has its features arranged throughout the map, so players will not find any weapons, ammo, shooters, upgrades, or equipment.
However, the bandages will bore.
The items that players will receive in particular will be ingredients to develop weapons, rings, and necklaces.
Each weapon, ring, and necklace given to players initially cannot be pulled or sold.
Players can open an art window by pressing Tab.
The spoiled ingredients are used to enhance the players’ weapons, rings, and necklaces.
Players can right-click to upgrade interesting items (which will light up).
Since each category has two weapons, players will be shown two lines for building weapons HALLOWEEN BATTLE ROYALE.

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