Gold price in Pakistan today – July 18, 2020

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Gold Price in Pakistan today are given below:

Gold PurityPrice
24K Gold Per 10g96,400
24K Gold Per Tola112,500
22k Gold Per 10g88,366
22K Gold Per Tola102,783

Composition of Gold:

Gold is always composed of gold and a specified amount of metal i.e. silver or any other alloy metal. Gold is always measured in Cartage known as Carat which defines the purity of gold. Following are different compositions of Gold:

18 Carat Gold

18 Carat gold is composed of 75% grams of gold and 25% grams of alloy which is mostly copper and silver. So, a 18K 10gm of gold bar has 7.5 grams of gold and 2.5 grams of alloy.

22 Carat Gold

22 Carat gold is composed of 8.33% alloy metal and 91.67% gold. So, a 22K 10gm gold bar has 9.17 grams of gold and 0.83 grams of alloy.

24 Carat Gold

24 Carat gold is composed of 100% pure gold. There is no alloy mixed with it.

How Much is a Tola?

One tola gold measurements re different in each countries but in Pakistan one tola is composed of 11.663 grams of gold.

Gold Price in Pakistan

The above-mentioned gold prices are provided by local market traders who reside and trade in Sarafa Bazar. However many retailers add the price with the local market price for their extra designing and work either by themselves or demanded by their customers.

Gold is the most demanded metal in Pakistan right now because the Pakistani women do like gold to use it as their jewelry or we can say that in Pakistan Gold is an accessory. But apart from Pakistani women, this metal is also a big source of investment for many people who use to trade through gold and invest in gold to make money out of it.

Gold price in Pakistan today is always high due to the low value of our currency. Gold Price in Pakistan is never fixed, it always fluctuates according to the international gold rates.

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